Armies 101: Battles/Tactics

Hello DCP! My name is Hefman for those who do not know me. For all the new recruits to armies this post will tell you everyone about battles you need to know.

What is a battle? A battle is when two armies fight each other in a certain room on a certain server on club penguin during a scheduled time. They use tactics, formations and sizes to fight and determine the winners. Check this site daily for battle times and dates. 

What are tactics? There are a few types of tacts. The three main categories of tactics are bombs, emote tactics and word tactics.  Owners in chat shout out what tactic to do in chat and give the basic command of “(tactic) On three!” “11111” “2222” “Gr (tactic)” “3333 (tactic) now!”

What are emote tactics? Emote tactics are the most common tactic used in battles. They are doing anything from warfaces to moons to “hello”. When using an emote tactic the owners and leaders will shout the code to type in on Club Penguin to do the emote. Clicking H or Y for Hello and Yes count as emote tactics. In one sentence emote tactics are done by clicking a button or two on Club Penguin and not moving. For example to do the sick faces shown in the picture below a chat owner would shout “E8 on three” “11111” “2222” “Gr E8” “3333” And the result would be…


Make sure to do the emote until everyone does it!

What is a word tactic? A word tactic is done by typing in a word or phrase in Club Penguin. These are done less than emote tactics which can easily be preformed. The best way to make sure the tactic is done to perfection is to copy and paste the word or phrase so it can easily be repeated on club penguin and you do not have to keep typing it in. Here is what a word tactic looks like.


What are bomb tactics? Bombs are the rarest kind of tactic. There is about one-three bombs per battle. A bomb tactic is doing an emote or word while running around. The most common bomb tactic is a Joke Bomb or J bomb. They make an army look huge and all you need to do is click J. A J bomb looks like this.



Note: This J bomb is standing still, which is not usually the case.

Conclusion Battles are used to fight over a server. The types of battles are Invasion and Defense. Invasions are when one army goes and attacks another armies server and if victorious, claims it. Defenses are when one army tries to defend a server from an invading army. If the defending army is victorious they keep the server.

I hope this helped you all and see you at tomorrow’s battle!

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