RPF is no longer RPF

Whats Up11 Edit: I would like to add this to this post:

Hello loyal and amazing members of DCP! So I return to DCP today after being bullied out of my home army RPF by Second in Command DJ and advisor DJ. That RPF isn’t what me and Mikey were fighting for. That RPF is corrupt and a death trap. That is what we are fighting for. We are fighting the good fight, to save RPF and CP Armies. After I was kicked out all my friends turned on me, because they are brainwashed. To the fellow ex-RPF who joined DCP, you did the brave thing, fight for your army and friends. We are DCP.


why we fight

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  1. CPAC CONSPRICY TO: Elmikey overthrowing.
    ‘CPAC’ always hated elmikey. So they told Commando 717 to hold elections to rid of Elmikey. They always criticised. Some of their employees voted in the RPF election so Elmikey could get kicked off.
    Lilstar bribed them into telling them she won. And cpac also said elmikey was a controversial person when ,he was not.
    DORITOS CONSPRICY TO:Elmikey overthrowing.
    The doritos were always jealous that the ‘RPF’ had a powerful leader Elmikey. So spies were on RPF chat planning a overthrow, co-ordinating with CPAC. So they declared war because they wanted to show the community the RPF were losers.
    NACHOS CONSPRICY:Elmikey overthrowing.
    The nachos always hated Elmikey. So they declared war for the sole purpose of showing Elmikey was loser. And they helped organized the illegal election. they are a type of illuminati group.
    ACP CONSPRICY:Elmikey overthrowing.
    The ACP co-ordinated with cpac,because they hated RPF.
    Lilsat used to be part of the ACP.
    They cheat to get number#1 on the top ten.They sent user to rig the election.
    these are just theories to be debated/not proven facts

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