Dear RPF

Snaily, DJ and the greater RPF I have a message to you. I left RPF today because of you. I worked for RPF and you betrayed me for not being an Elmikey Hater. The same thing you say your fighting for “freedom of speech”, well you forced me to either hate elm or leave RPF. That isn’t freedom of speech is it?  Just because I respect Elmikey I cannot be in RPF? Just because I do not hate him for dumb reasons I cant lead? This new RPF you fight for is corrupt. DCP is fighting the good fight to get the real RPF back. We will win and restore balance. DCP will fix the lies and corruptions.  I have some pictures to show you of the hate and bullying you have been doing to me and a few of my friends.


Tony Romo, a loyal RPF solider was bullied and forced out of RPF.


My best friend in RPF, told me to F off? Ouch.


Cacia also got bullied out. She came to DCP to fight against corruption.


RPF cannot blame this war on us, we asked for one battle not a war.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 8.20.51 PM


Even DCP Troops hate the new RPF. We will get the true and pure RPF back, and we will cleanse it of corruption.

Troops of RPF, join us to fight for your army. Snaily Dj and other corruptions we will crush you. You will not get away with this. To my friends in RPF (you know who you are) this post does not imply to you, but there is to much corruption that your purity is blacked out. DCP troops, together we will fight the good fight and crush the evil.


Nicolas, Hefman, Cacia, Tony Romo, Elmikey and the other victims of RPF.

4 Responses

  1. DCP DCP DCP!!!
    we will truely win and crush the evil, as said in the email

  2. DCP yeah we hate all of you today RPF is begining to rise so dont bully us we may be angry all of you boooooooooo!

  3. So get the hell out of RPF Noobs!

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