Big Foot & Bobsled = OURS!

Hello, Troops! 

Today we logged on and successfully invaded two servers from the Nachos while Golds also invaded other Nacho servers. We split our army up and sent some troops onto Bobsled while our main forces were invading Big Foot. This event was a short notice (24 hours only) yet we still managed to take a part of the weak Nacho Empire, and they didn’t even show up. However, ACP was training on Big Foot, and we pretty much battled them for some fun. Here’s the results!

Invasion of Big Foot Results 

Invasion of Big Foot2Invasion of Big Foot3Invasion of Big Foot4

Invasion of Bobsled Results

Invasion of BobsledInvasion of Bobsled1Invasion of Bobsled2

Good job Doritos!

We managed to invade two Nacho servers using our strategy in a short notice! Everyone who attended this event receives 20 Doritos! 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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