The Ultimate Rise

Hello, Troops! 

Starting today, we will experience a rise that we have never experienced ever before. This very generation of troops, will be the troops to set a never-ending golden age. Victories and defeats have shaped this nation into what it currently is. We’ve been through periods of great glory, and periods of great depression. Recently, we have built ourselves from a near dead army to becoming one of the strongest armies around. That alone is an amazing accomplishment, but we ache for so much more. We aren’t finished now, and we won’t be finished anytime soon. This golden age shall live on for many years to come. We will be the ones to revolutionize DCP forever. We must start today, because the future depends on what we do TODAY. 

So, I will be the one to introduce the recruiting squad to DCP. We’ll call ourselves the DCPRS. Our purpose will be to recruit people into the army. The DCPRS will be the future of DCP. However, you can only become part of the DCPRS by invitation only. Mkll, Toy and I will handpick very special troops who will become apart of the DCPRS and will get promotions really quickly.

Also, moderators cannot earn Doritos and get a promotion. All Moderators will now receive promotions monthly except the moderators in DCPRS. They will receive promotions WEEKLY. This means we may get a few more owners, but they surely will be people who deserve it. 

And to the owners, always remember that people will always criticize us. Our allies, our enemies, and even former leaders and DCP legends such as Bam117. Any army as great as us will be criticized. People who criticize us are people who are feeling or showing envy of the army or their achievements and advantages. And that’s the definition of jealousy. There will always be traitors who join another army and then make DCP their biggest enemy in life. They’ll try their best to knock us down, but no one has person or army has ever kept us down permanently.

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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  1. am I a dcprs

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