Fog Defended! [Freezie got it handed to him][3-0]

Hello, Troops! 

Today, the big bad leader Freezie got a bunch of people to log on for DW to battle us (yes the guy who ruined DW, made them the most hated army around, and allied all of their enemies while making enemies with their allies). We still won, and what did he do? He accused us of using allies LOL. He found 2 people who were in another army and in DCP, and said that we used allies. Well, you intelligent person Freezie.. You don’t see me saying “DW USES ALLIES!!1!1” every time someone who is in 2 armies joins DW. If we actually were using allies, it wouldn’t be only two people 😆  Also, every battle we have had so far, DW logged on early (20 minutes early) and got their troops on early, while we log on 5 minutes before the battle starts, and during this time he takes pictures of DCP before all of our troops are on and he says “WE HAD 17 AND DCP HAD 11” lol, he’s a laughing stock.

And of course, the idiotic kid who does drugs at the park missed school and claimed victory when he obviously lost. 

Defense of Fog vs DW4Defense of Fog vs DW5Defense of Fog vs DW6Defense of Fog vs DW7Defense of Fog vs DW8Defense of Fog vs DW10Defense of Fog vs DW11Defense of Fog vs DW13

“U TRYNA CUT1!?1?!1?!1?1?1” ~Freezies version of the corrupt DW

Good Job, Doritos! We got around 20ish which is great for UK! 25 Doritos for everyone who attended! 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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  1. may i join the group my name is woof stich

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