Invasions / Defenses! [IMPORTANT]

Hello, Troops! 

These are the invasions on the Dark Warriors. Remember Doritos, win or lose this is OUR war. It’s our time to shine, and we aren’t going to let anyone get in the way of that. Let the orange banner of freedom and liberty fly high above the former Dark Warriors Nation! Our time is NOW, Doritos!

War Score: 4 wins || 0 loses 

15x9tup (1)

Defense of Misty [UK]

Wednesday, 29th January


7:00pm UK

2:00pm EST

1:00pm CST

12:00pm MST

11:00am PST


❗ Invasion of Hockey :!:

Wednesday, January 29th

Hockey, Ice Berg


8:00pm EST

7:00pm CST

6:00pm MST

5:00pm PST

1:00am UK


❗ Invasion of Snow Angel :!:

Friday, January 31st

Klondike, Ice Berg


8:00pm EST

7:00pm CST

6:00pm MST

5:00pm PST

1:00am UK



❗ Invasion of Frosty :!:

Saturday, February 1st

Frosty, Ice Berg


3:00pm EST

2:00pm CST

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST

8:00am UK

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


44 Responses

  1. Sorry I cant come they are US battles and I will be out somewhere on Saturday

  2. i can only come to frosty invasion because of the times

  3. I can come to the one on the 29th and the 1st of February! But don’t EXPECT me to be at Wednesday’s event. I could be still banned for a couple more hours on Club Penguin. But overall, UNITED WE STAND, PARTED WE FALL OFF A CLIFF AND LAND IN LAVA AND BURN BURN BURN DIE!!!!

    • And I can come to the Defense of Misty, Ice Rink, and Summit. I’m so glad I can come to the Important Battle!

  4. I might come

  5. i might be able to come and i might be able to scare them and make them surender if i am a dino. but can we be dinos at one point?

  6. i gues i can come wut time?

  7. i will come to the dark warriors battle go dcp!!!!!!!!!

  8. wait i can come to one of them

  9. I should be able to come to
    -Defense of Ice Rink
    -Defense of Slushy
    -Invasion of Snow Angel
    -Invasion of Frosty
    There is the ever so slightest chance that I will be at the Invasion of Hockey

  10. I can come to the US events!

  11. i ll be late for wednesday uk battle

  12. i can come because of school but i will be aviliable for the first tuesday cuz its at 5

  13. Can I join the army??

  14. I can come

  15. I can come to all except maybe the last one. I have to find out what my schedule on saturday is.

  16. I might be able to come

  17. I’ll be there

  18. I can come to all afternoon battles

  19. I`ll try to come to all


    Since I, Lalaohlolcoo, a Colonel, am banned from Club Penguin for one more day, I told Mustapha that I will use my extra account. It is called Your Lag, and I am telling you that if you see Your Lag, say to yourself that it is Lalaohlolcoo so you don’t go saying, “Hey, that guy isn’t part of our army!” or something.

  21. I can come to all!

  22. i can come to weekend battles like friday and saturday

  23. I’ll try to come!

  24. I can come to the one today and the one on Saturday

  25. I can attend Wednesday’s battles but not today’s, I can also attend February’s first battle.

  26. i might come to the battle. oh who am i kidding i can come

  27. i could come go dcp

  28. i can come

  29. I’m coming but i might be a dino if you guys don’t be like:TEYA BE A PENGUIN and crap like dat I hope lala won’t be a boss to me on pc.BUT ME COMING!!!!!!!!!!!

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