Message to Retired Troops / Fired Troops

Hello, Troops! 

For the past few weeks or even months, since all of our older troops have been leaving and more and more younger troops have been joining, we’ve lost contact with most of our former owners or leaders. Mainly because they don’t like hanging out on our chat anymore. Tonight I was looking back at some amazingly awesome memories, and I just want us all to be reunited again. I truly miss the old DCP, and all my fellow brothers and sisters.

So if you’re retired/fired I am allowing you to rejoin DCP for your old rank back, no questions asked. 

p.s. Any traitors cannot return, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. 

Also, I would like to thank Bam for helping me realize this.. He stopped hanging out at DCP chat just like the rest of the former DCP. He’s helped me realize so many things, and I can never thank him enough. I would rather have a small army and my true friends then a large army and a bunch of random people.

United We Stand

Doritos family, forever! 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


9 Responses

  1. btw, i cant ever fiund the group!!! i follow all the directions and stuff, but i NEVEr get in….
    im quitting

    either way, im quitting

  3. Am i classified as a “traitor”

  4. So. I leave RPF join the Doritos as a lit or leader 😛

  5. But I really prefer to be a owner advisor and attend some events (important ones for dcp)

  6. hello Mustapha im gonna join cheesy

  7. Can I have my LIT back I’m not a traitor lol

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