We Must March on

Hello, Troops!

My question is to all of you.. do you want to rise? The only answer that I will accept is yes. This week, we were the third biggest army in Club Penguin out every single one, maxing 40+ at battles! But this week we have taken a small fall, and have had some leadership problems which sadly included the dislodgment of our leaders in training, Jester. Doritos, the only way we can work our way out of this fall is by uniting together as a family and working as hard as possible to rise! OUR TIME IS NOW, DORITOS!


“United we Stand, Divided we Fall”

Trust me guys, if you just do what me and Mustapha say we WILL rise and we WILL be at the top. Just as my best friend & amazing leader told me..  as long as you try your best, you will accomplish your goal. Don’t believe me? How did we rise in October from about 20 average to to 40+ and get 1st on the top ten for the whole month? How did we get 50 recruits in one day, just by working as a family? Well, how about this? How about we try this as a family let’s rise out of this small fall and climb back UP to the top! I’m in, are you?

NOTE: Recruiting is how we rise, let’s all work together everyday to get as many people as possible to join! If you don’t know how to recruit private chat Toy or Musta on chat.

As always,

March On!

Xxtoysoldier DCP Main Leader & Legend


5 Responses

  1. Yes we must rise, as your 2ic I expect you mods to recruit too, I have noticed we have lots of lazy mods

  2. Jester retired 😮

  3. WE SHALL RISE AND NOT FALL, YES I AM COMING TO HUNT AND KILL BATTLE. ( I hope my mom said were going to store after lunch )

  4. we shall rise because I want to be owner and be able to lead this army before im in high school in September because thats when im quitting forever

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