Declaration of war on AR

Hello, Troops! 

As of TODAY, the Great Empire of the Doritos Army of Club Penguin hereby declare war on the Army Republic of Club Penguin.

It’s our job to protect Club Penguin from all evil, so that is what we shall do. 

The Army Republic has been ruining our community for far too long, and it is time for us to take action. The Army Republic has been using allies in their battle, they make their allies switch into Army Republic uniform. This blatant act of defiance of the observed rules of the community can no longer be accepted, and it will not be. The people of the Army Republic have allowed their leadership to carry out these blatant acts of tyranny. NO LONGER SHALL WE ACCEPT TYRANTS. Burr is a well known bully, releasing pictures of people and repeatedly cyber-bullying his own soldiers and soldiers of other armies. These acts committed by Burr are unacceptable and unforgivable. Forgiveness is not an option, we shall commence invasions of the Army Republic until they are crippled beyond repair. The orange banner of freedom, liberty and acceptance shall fly high above the former Army Republic empire.

Burr has targeted RPF, our brother allies and he has used his cheating ways to get through the war with them. AR as a whole is a disgusting army, that make me sick. They will eventually ruin this community, and tear it to shreds. It’s time to put an end to this extremely evil army. The AR shall regret every threat that they have ever made to us, from back when we wanted to help ACP, to even when we donated servers to LT. AR, your time to end is here. You have attacked many armies unjustly. Burr has made fun of people for the way they look, and has posted pictures of them and made fun of them. AR is delusional, they think all these armies are going to back them up, when in reality.. AR has been always been the minions. They were the slaves of ACP, and they are now the slaves of the Nachos. It’s like, they ride along with the most dominating army. When ACP dominated, they were brother allies with ACP. When Nachos dominated, they were brother allies with the Nachos. Ar, your time of going into Nachos uniform and making the room too full for RPF to battle you ends here.

Don’t believe me when I tell you that AR multilogs, has other armies go into their uniform, and cyber bully? I have proof:

 >> AR leaders Multilog and cheat.  << 

Burr cyberbullying

Burr cyber bullying

AR sending their troops to UMA chat to go into their uniform, and help them in a war.

AR sending their troops to UMA chat to go into their uniform, and help them in a war.

The fact that you sent your troops into other armies uniform, and even had other armies go into your uniform, MANY times… Just proves that you don’t care about the way of armies in any way. You cheated many hard working armies out of achieving that first spot with your pathetic ways.

You, your cheating ways, and your cyber bullying will destroy this community.. but not if we destroy you first.

DCP will prevail. 

Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 & Patriot 


3 Responses

  1. Hmm say did Elmikey tell you to do this

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