DCP 2013 Year Awards RESULTS

Hello troops!

The results for this years awards are in…

Leader of the Year

[1st] Mustapha10

[2nd] Xxtoysoldier

[3rd] Bam117

LIT of the Year

[1st] Jester

[2nd] Mkll24

[3rd] Melissa52299

2ic of the Year

[1st] Carter (Greenoiscool)

[2nd] Spritecp

[3rd] Penguin (Evildogbone)

3ic of the Year

[1st] Mr Waffle

[2nd] Metaknight

[3rd] Azn

Fail of the Year

[1st] Bam “couping” Mustapha10 just so he had a reason not to return to DCP

[2nd] Alfrondo1465 leaving DCP for RPF

[3rd] Losing to ACP in Champions Cup finals

Win of the Year

[1st] Getting 1st in Top 10 for almost a Month

[2nd] Getting 45+ on CP (creating another DCP Golden Age)

[3rd] Waterkid pussying out of war once Wwebestfan got involved

Medal of Honor

[1st] Mustapha10

[2nd] Wwebestfan

[3rd] Xxtoysoldier

Most Active of the Year

[1st] Mustapha10

[2nd] Xxtoysoldier

[3rd] 13yearoldn00b

Funnest/Best Month of the Year

[1st] October

[2nd] November

[3rd] December

Most Loyal Person

[1st] Wwebestfan

[2nd] Mustapha10

[3rd] Xxtoysoldier

Funniest Person

[1st] Bam117

[2nd] Mustapha10

[3rd] Metaknight

Motto of the Year

[1st] “Hold up wait a minute, let bam put some ketchup in it” -Bam

[2nd] “Recruit” -Mustapha10

[3rd] “pics or it didnt happen” -Jester

Most Perverted Person

[1st] Rocky25721

[2nd] Metaknight

[3rd] Bam117


Congratulations to all who won in this years DCP Year Awards!

For those who didn’t win this year, better luck next year! GOOD LUCK!



3 Responses

  1. what I was new

  2. Congrats ppl who won

  3. Musta please un-ban me

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