Hello, Troops! 

As the entire community sits back and laughs at the pathetic Water Vikings, their idiotic leader tries turning the tables by saying Toy brainwashes his troops.

The picture of “proof” that he uses against Toy can be found here:

In this picture Toy says he’s going to make propaganda out of something, but what is it? Toy links what he’s going to make “propaganda” out of, and what did he link? This is the link that toy gave to Bepboy in PC:

It’s a picture that can be found here:

^The picture that Toy was going to make propaganda out of ^

^The picture that Toy was going to make propaganda out of ^

Anyone who thinks that Toysoldier can BRAINWASH his very intelligent troops by giving them a funny picture and size comparison of DCP and WV must have fallen on their massive heads while they were babies.

Bepboy even created his own low-quality meme which states that DCP seen WV with a chatsize of 30, so we logged on a different server. However, EVEN DARK WARRIORS OUR ENEMIES believe that any server that is 5 bars should automaticly be switched to Klondike. WV, you’re the only army that thinks you can use your rouges to defeat another army.

Then, Bepboy goes on to explain his 3 in 1 invasions and basicly says “We are only invading 3 servers at one time if DCP doesn’t show” Even if we do or do not attend, you cannot invade 3 servers at once.

WV even made their troops log on New Years Eve 

Zak raging over WV event


Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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