Why we’re winning the war with WV

Hello, Troops!

Recently we have been at war with the Water Vikings, and a lot of controversy is going on. If you want to understand why we’re currently winning the war, then read on.

Do I even have to explain how we’re winning to WV?

Here is an insight on the 1st battle, the defence of Summit:

Raid of Summit10

Pretty big sizes, right? WV maxed around 15 during that battle and still claims we lost…not because of tactics.. or sizes!

But because the DCP didn’t follow the WV during the battle.  I’m pretty sure that we did go to the Plaza which you started off in, the Iceberg which you retreated, and then you retreated to the Boiler Room. Do I have to explain even MORE on how we one? Do I have to provide proof? Sure.


Don’t try saying we didn’t follow you, I’ve got plenty of pictures showing that we did. And who’s that in the picture… Waterkid100? I’m pretty sure he’s not even in WV. Is it because Waterkid raged from the war we recently wrecked him in? Probably! Anyways, here is some more pictures of us “following the wv” so there’s no more excuses about that.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any pictures of WV in the iceberg because they ran away too fast! I also took to notice that WV didn’t post ANY pictures of us with them on their site! Too scared too post it, Water Vikings?

That’s proof we won on SUMMIT. Here’s how we won for SLUSHY: 

You guys are saying we are scared of your ‘awesome’ 5 BAR SIZES?? LOL!! Let’s make it real, pretend it was reality… damn. Nobody cares if you max 40 on a 5 bar. DCP maxed 30-35 on a 1 bar server. In every post they trash talk us saying we’re too afraid and scared to fight them. How about you stop making excuses, and just admit defeat? I don’t even need to provide pictures of our battle, all I need to show is this:

Defense of Slushy

DCP keeps Slushy and Summit.

Stop making terrible excuses that don’t even make sense. I know you’re starting to regret this war because of that 1 week fall we had, right now, we’re bigger than ever just because of you guys ;). So I’d like to thank you, and hopefully you’re ready for your servers to be taken.


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  1. I dont know why but it shows really tiny when I try to write above the line. The last email made the font normal so i dont know. But I am still wondering what our capitols are and what WV capitols are. K thanks.



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