DCP 2013 Year Awards Polls

Hello troops!

Mustapha messaged me on Facebook asking me if he could post the DCP’s year awards again this year, and so I agree.  

Every year since DCP’s creation, we have made a post regarding awards, polls and everything go up, it gives everyone quite excitement and in my opinion, seeing that the creator of this army still indeed posting it once more makes it even more exciting!

Please vote in the following polls:


❗ The Polls end on New Years Eve! ❗


Sadly, I cannot run in the polls such as Leader and Most Active of the Year anymore because of me being retired all this year, so good luck to whoever ends up carrying on my once-owned destiny!



p.s. Sorry if there’s any grammar errors or sentences that don’t make sense, I am drunk while creating this post.

3 Responses

  1. I thought Wwe would never leave a post again

  2. omg mustapa 10X you are awesome I love you!!

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