Hello, Troops!

Today we have successfully defended our capital from the evil Light Troops! And once again, made the infamous waterkid cringe and rage. Good job Doritos, we defeated them again! [8-0]

Waterkid raging

DCP vs LT defense of Summit1DCP vs LT defense of Summit2DCP vs LT defense of Summit4DCP vs LT defense of Summit3DCP vs LT defense of Summit5 DCP vs LT defense of Summit6 DCP vs LT defense of Summit7 DCP vs LT defense of Summit8 DCP vs LT defense of Summit10DCP vs LT defense of Summit11

LT logged off 10 minutes early which abolished all joy in watching them lose the battle.

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend 


8 Responses

  1. Attention DCP,surrender, LT won Summit because DCP multi logged,or whatever. Surrender,We do not forgive,we do not forget.

  2. nvm just saying LT won Summit

  3. I would’ve come but my computers damn hard drive chose the wrong time to fail
    @Musta and RandomGuy LOL

    @RandomGuy From the parts of the battle b4 my comp failed, I could clearly see that Dcp won, right Musta?

  4. need help ben 66634 is here

  5. There will be end of the year awards. They’ll be posted on Saturday

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