Hello, Troops! 

Today we have successfully defended Fog from the Light Troops because they surrendered before the battle even started. They were afraid of our strength, so lets keep it that way. The “weekend army” as waterkid calls us, have defeated the Light Troops again. This time lets hope LT doesn’t shut down again over us beating them, their servers could be useful to the Doritos Empire.

DCP vs LT war2DCP vs LT war3DCP vs LT war7DCP vs LT war11

We were only on for a short period of time due to LT surrendering so quickly.


Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend 


9 Responses

  1. i came

  2. I came half bcuz i was so laggy and connection lost

  3. I came! Good Job Doritos!!

  4. hi kk this is andrew

  5. I can come to the Fog battle, but what time?

  6. i came to over half of it im in 2 pics of the top [scenegirl]

  7. COOL

  8. never came ,from uk. the only one i can come to is the summit battle

  9. I couldn’t as my time zone gmt is not suitable:( congrats;)

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