Pjayo stikes again! *SATIRE*

Hello, Troops.. 😦

I logged on for a DCP event, and I wasn’t doing the tactics when leaders asked me to.. They asked me “Why?” “Why aren’t you doing any of the tactics, I hope your okay!” So, I made this post to ensure that everyone knows the true story, and what ACTUALLY happened during the event. (PLEASE DO NOT DEMOTE ME) 

Ok, so one busy day in New York City.. I left the front door of the apartment building I live in open, and about twenty thousands eight hundreds and two hours later, I found my house SWARMING with creepers. They were everywhere. I was not sure why, so I continued to do tactics. Until.. The creeper got closer and closer to my dog. All of a sudden, BOOM! One creeper explodes and sets off trillions of other creepers that were  in my kitchen. My entire apartment building that I was living in exploded. Pieces were everywhere. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This is just about that moment where the DCP leaders were asking me why I wasn’t doing any of the tactics. I rushed and quickly glued the ceiling / roof of my apartment building back on. At this point, I searched for my parents and they somehow left and went on a dinner-date and came back right when I flushed my dogs ashes down the toilet (What I like to call a river). Everything was fine when they came because the creepers and myself made a deal. I had to personally talk to their ghosts, and the deal was if I glued their heads back on they would leave and never come back. 

So please.. I am begging you not to demote me. I will personally send you 1 ton of sulfur from these creepers, AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT FIRE ME!!!

~Mustapha10 DCP Warrant officer (pretend i’m a 4ic nd nd nd i’ll pay you 2k xats for 3ic poll!!!)

THE AMOUNT OF WOLVES EATING PJAYOS DOG IS TOO DAMN HIGH | Generated image from memes,too damn high generated with the Imgflip Meme Generator



WOLVES EVERYWHERE | Generated image from memes,x x everywhere generated with the Imgflip Meme Generator


14 Responses

  1. This is a joke I made up, hope you all rage!


  3. LOL at first I was like what is this guy on. But I realized he’s just telling a joke. A funny one

  4. Like omg I don’t get it. :I. 😂

  5. Like omg I don’t get it. :I. 😏

  6. No wonder.. I actually eat dogs, here in Bulgaria. They do taste good, however you guys wouldn’t understand the sensation you receive after eating a young puppy. WOO GOO DWW!!!

  7. LOL musta. My dog was infact eaten by hyenas in my kitchen!1! You can even search my address on google and find out yourself!!!


  9. lol

  10. WOW, you wasted my time listening to stupid minecraft creepers… FAKE! UGH

  11. So You Are Blaming This On A Video Game?


  12. I like how people are saying ‘FAKE!’ like… NAW U SRS

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