Battle Against DW [IMPORTANT]

Hello, Troops! 

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This is a mandatory battle against the Dark Warriors. If we want to beat them, we need every single troop to come. I do not want any excuses. This is the army that has been laughing at us the entire week, and we are the army that does not tolerate this type of stuff from ANYONE. This is also the army that has been hoarding every single traitor DCP has ever had. We shall go and not only battle the Dark Warriors but make them wish they never face us again. We will prevail. OUR TIME IS NOW DORITOS, THIS TIME WE WIN THIS TOURNEY. THIS TIME, WE PROVE EVERYONE WRONG. 


Battle Against DW

Saturday, December 14th

Klondike, Town


3:00pm EST 

2:00pm CST

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST 

8:00pm UK

Lets prove him wrong.

Lets prove him wrong.

As I cannot express further how important and mandatory this battle is, I am just going to hope that every single troop can attend this huge battle and receive plenty of rewards.

Comment if you can come!

Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

[Insert picture of Mustapha10 talking about a kid who goes by the name Pjayo whos dog apparently got attacked by wolves in front of his face and he tried gluing his dog’s head back on. (this all took place during the event when Pjayo was asked why he didn’t do any tactics {this was witnessed by all of DCP})]


46 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. I can come to this battle!

  3. Maybe not sure


  5. I think I can come it depends if my dad needs help with the christmas tree but im 95% sure ill be there 5% not

  6. I can probably make it

  7. I can come to this battle

  8. I honestly don’t even know anymore…. I do not know my schedule, I just go with the flow. I will try to make it though 😛

  9. Yea i can make it

  10. I can definitely come. LETS KILL THEM! :@

  11. I will come

  12. I will definitely come LETS KILL THEM :@

  13. I will definitely come our time is now! LETS PROVE THEM WE ARE THE BEST :@

  14. Let’s beat them up till they die!

  15. I can come!

  16. Guaranteed I’ll be there. let’s show them!!!

  17. I believe I can make it. Lets kick their butts!

  18. i think i can come

  19. Idk 50% Ican come

  20. I can come. Let’s show them who’s boss.~al-a$sad~

  21. Our time is NOW!
    We must prove DW wrong, after all of the insults they made to us! Keep recruiting and be sure you come, time to make history! I will be there!

  22. I will come to the battle!!!

  23. I will be There

  24. i will come 😀 😀 😀

  25. I will be there!!

  26. musta mod me chat reset

  27. im coming -_________-

  28. I will TOTALLY come. For the promotion! XD

  29. I’m going to the battle my fellas.

  30. its a maybe for me ill try my best!

  31. I can make it.

  32. Sure, I can come

  33. Im coming -120201

  34. 85% Sure that I can come

  35. ill come

  36. yeh

  37. I Can

    (sorry I Was Not On For A While. I Was Very Busy And Had No Time.)

  38. If ALL traitors of DCP are in DW, that makes me not a traitor.

  39. If we win and you just joined recently will you STILL get a promotion from private to sergeant?

  40. i wouldnt miss it for my rank!

  41. coming

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