3ic elections [Results]

Hello, Troops! 

We started an owner election a few days before Bam tried his idiotic move of forcing me to retire, which he failed at. However, it has caused a lot of confusion and disorganization within the army itself. Many troops quit due to drama, ect. About 3 troops have sided with Bam, and they were fired from DCP for helping create a rebellion.

Here’s the results of the poll:

Azn has just retired, and Godzilla, Meta, and Pjayo were all fired. Therefore, the poll has been canceled. Thank Bam117 for this, he wanted to go out with a big bang and achieved nothing other than getting a poll removed. I would appreciate it if you took a moment to clap for him.

If you’re a true Dorito you wouldn’t hate me just because of all the hard work and time I have put into this army, trying to make it the best army. And it worked, this was the best army around.  Every army was afraid of DCP. Until people started disliking me; Why? Because I didn’t let them get away with things like being inactive. And I fired them.

Who HATES someone for firing inactive owners? It was the right thing to do, I wouldn’t EVER want to make bad decisions for DCP.

However, I am giving everyone a second chance. 

I have come to a decision, and I have decided to not ban anyone who dislikes me. You don’t like me? COOL. However, you must keep your opinions about me to yourself, because if I see anyone talking in a negative way about me I will ban them.. Everyone has feelings, EVEN LEADERS!1!! [while I am not around or while I am around I still see it so please, don’t say negative things about ANYONE in the army, not only me.]

17 Responses

  1. Are you fucking kidding me it was YOUR choice to fire me godzilla and pj don’t go blaming bam for your actions.

  2. LOL
    let me process this.
    I’m just worried about losing my rank and Meta threatened that if I didn’t help him I would get DOXED.
    Your corrupt.

  3. What a shame. People are getting fired by the minute. First me, now a lot of loyal troops. I think you need to take consideration of everyone’s side except your own. That’s what makes a good leader. Not just firing people for having an opinion. I think Bam, Meta, Pjayo and Godzilla are brave and care more about DCP than you do.

  4. Musta is the best leader ever don’t talk negative about him!

  5. Musta stop editing pjs comment and making me look bad

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