Battle Against Nachos [IMPORTANT]

Hello, Troops! 

After the issue that happened, the post of the battle vs Nachos was deleted permanently for some reason. Everyone must re-comment on this one and try their best to come so we can prove that we can win no matter what kind of chaos occurs in the DCP! Lets stop those Nachos from defeating this legendary army, lets prove our strength once more! LETS SHOW THEM THAT THIS GOLDEN AGE SHALL NEVER END! This is the army that tried to take our servers away from us so it is very important that we beat them! They are convinced that they will win, but we must prove them wrong! Lets show them our true colors and the true Doritos spirit by dominating and making them surrender the battle before it even begins just like we did to LT last battle! OUR TIME IS NOW, DORITOS! 

*It is important that you come to this battle!*

:!: Battle with Nachos :!:

Saturday, December 7th

Klondike, Iceberg


:arrow: 3:30pm EST

:arrow: 2:30pm CST 

:arrow: 1:30pm MST

:arrow: 12:30pm PST

:arrow: 8:30pm UK


||Expectation 40+||Reality 50+||

:arrow: This event is worth 20 Doritos! 

Be on chat 30 minutes before battle for orders!

Don’t know your timezone? Find out below!

zkE0xmH (4)

Blue=EST – If you’re in a state that’s colored blue, you’re EST

Green=CST – If you’re in a state that’s colored green, you’re CST

Yellow=MST – If you’re in a state that’s colored yellow, you’re MST

Red=PST – If you’re in a state that’s colored red, you’re PST



Comment if you can come!

Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


27 Responses

  1. I can come

  2. Cant

  3. I dont think I can go but please dont De Mod me Musta!!!! I have a excuse because my dad asked me to help him with christmas decorations outside! ~Moospie~

  4. I may be able to go, as long as I don’t have to go out somewhere I’m good.

  5. can come BUT PLZ MAKE ME MOD

  6. I can come musta make me mod please now

  7. i can come

  8. Hmm yeah i can come!

  9. Sure

  10. I might be able to.

  11. Me blu my internet off So I can’t come as soon as it is I’ll come back to dcp

  12. I can come! Lets prove that we can still win this!

  13. i wouldn’t miss it for the world

  14. Hi! This is TofuPop! My CP name is Dude70184, and I pretty sure that I can make it!

  15. 50% I can come

  16. Awesome, Sure maybe.

  17. Likely I will attend, if I’m not banned on chat ;o

  18. i might be able to come

  19. i will try and come

  20. Imcoming

  21. Coming!

  22. ill be there

  23. I’m at the restraunt if you don’t believe me check Ip and. Check the location

  24. It’s toy check ip if you don’t believe me that I’m gone

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