3rd in Command Elections!

Hello, Troops! 

It’s time to vote once again! Who should become the new owner in the Doritos? Who’s ready to take on the owner responsibilities? Who’s the one who will be owner in the army with the fewest owners and therefore have alot of power?   YOU DECIDE! 


Please note: 

  • Meta has un-retired, [A FORMER OWNER] so he was added to the poll.
  • Azn has un-retired, [A FORMER LEADER] so he was added to the poll.
  • The rest are either 4ic’s or 5ic’s. [5ic’s chosen by DCP congress]

If you don’t win this poll // If you weren’t added to this poll, remember that there is polls every month now! So just wait like 3 weeks and try again! 

➡ Poll ends friday

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


19 Responses

  1. Hello Troops
    This is blake and i thought just to say (not to brag or to make you choose me) So anyway if i do get leader i promise to stop acting childish and to make this army go and rise like how musta lead so i promise to recruite 24/7 and to be honest just getting that out there tht i will be more mature about owner bcuz its a great job and im proud that i made it this far so thx for reading just a couple reasons why (Btw good job meta and pj for getting the highest votes!)

  2. I ill earn my 3ic.
    Brigade3 4ic

  3. I feel Ahmed should be in this poll. He may be new, but he is currently the most dedicated and loyal troop in the UK division

  4. If I become 3ic, I will be able to help people on a whole NEW level! need help with recruiting? If I’m chosen, I will be able to help you with recruiting tips and tricks! Vote Pjayo for a better future!


  5. theres no way in hell im winning this (wary)

  6. Meta was loyal in his time in the sun. He’s been owner once, he can be owner again. If you want a professional as owner, then vote Meta!

  7. YAY Pongo wants me in the poll, well am i


  9. Brig43ic

  10. Some guy gave me ads to greek sheeps, where pjayo was begging for votes. http://prntscr.com/28j6yv IK I’m not in DCP, just thought you’d wanna know.

  11. can i finally be 4ic then?

  12. Musta who is 2ic and 3ic

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