Hello, Troops!

Today we logged on expecting to face the LT but as expected they surrendered before the battle started. We defeated them without even battling them because they were too scared! Hopefully next time we will have a good opponent!

Here’s the pictures! 😆

Chaos tourney LT 11Chaos tourney LT 10Chaos tourney LT 1Chaos tourney LT 3Chaos tourney LT 2Chaos tourney LT 4Chaos tourney LT 5Chaos tourney LT 6Chaos Tourney LT 7Chaos tourney LT 8Chaos tourney LT 9Chaos tourney LT 12

➡ This tourney battle was held on Klondike aka the emptiest server on Club Penguin so try harder to say something bad about us next time bros! 


I honestly have not seen tactics this well in a while, I am amazed with DCP, I am so proud and thankful to have such great troops! This longest-lasting Golden Age is AMAZING.

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


14 Responses

  1. I came

  2. First and we did great! AND I SEE ME!

  3. I came

  4. Lol LT won *wary*

  5. and with prizes of banning people 😀

  6. With an amazing win you get prizes which contains you getting banned on dcp forever 😀 have a wonderful day and thank you for coming to the event everyone!

    • You don’t need to say it twice
      You also don’t need to beg MEMBERS in pc like Meta and others

      • Honestly I didn’t beg meta on pc about chat I wanted to talk to you. But currently talking to you right isn’t the best choice since your mad. And don’t deny it. Once I thought we were family like our logo says. But family don’t kick out other family members. Now do they? If they do in your family than I’m sorry but in some families they love each equally. But right now if this is what you call a loving family I don’t wanna see anymore. But before anything else happens I’m going to the “man” here and say Sorry for being mean to you. Now you don’t have to say it , it’s me who decided it was the right decision to stop being retards and just like ignore each other. Many families do that but real families put away their differences and become one big HAPPY family.

      • You admitted to being “mean” so yeah if someones mean or anything like that then they aren’t truly family. I wouldn’t of banned you but this has happened several times. You’ve always been annoying. You have always been the first one to say something bad about me, or something bad about someone else. It gets to a point where I’ve had enough. 😆

      • Well I guess you did… But I’m trying to say is I have heard a lot by you some of what are bad and some good… But the bad ones stood out the most which some were true. You are very rude but aren’t we all but you have used your “power” in DCP to the point where you think no one has their opinions. Like I said ” that was rude” and if course u either banned or kicked me. I’m not here to tell your flaws because I know nobody is perfect. But Musta you have gotten to the point that what you say can heart people’s feelings….. But you need to remember DCP is an Internet army not a real one so don’t always be serious. I honestly joke around pretty much 24/7. You need to learn how to deal with it because in the real world you can’t just ban someone for being mean to you. Well anyways mustapha10 it was very nice meeting you and your army. It was fun while it lasted.

  7. I came!

  8. Nice job! I am proud of you all. I am deeply sorry that I couldn’t come to event. I was on my DS at 9:30 waiting for the result post. And I wasn’t disappointed! We shall be high in the top 10 today!

    – Pongo3010 DCP UK Leader

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