Clash of the Chips

Hello, Troops! 

The time has come! It is time to find out who the better chip army truly is! Lets March onto the servers of the Nacho Army and prove to them that we have the strength and skill that no other army holds.  It is our duty to protect Club Penguin, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do! OUR TIME IS NOW, DORITOS! 

❗ Invasion of Ice Pond ❗ 

Wednesday, November 27th

Ice Pond, Town 


6:30pm EST

5:30pm CST

4:30pm MST

3:30pm PST

11:30pm UK 

Lets show our true colors and dominate during this war. Our time to conquer is now Doritos! I won’t let our golden age end so soon! IT’S OUR TIME TO SHINE!

Comment if you can come! 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


25 Responses

  1. should be there.

  2. I can come to both!

  3. ill come on sunday and MAYBE wednesday

  4. i can ayee

  5. I will come can i pls be unbanned on chat though *wary*

  6. I can come to both. Lets do this Doritos!

  7. im going to both :0

  8. i will

  9. if i posted then what you think >.>
    answer is yes

  10. so i might be able to come i never know when i will be able to come.

  11. i can surely come on the first one but i wonder about that second one.

  12. I cant come on Wednesday because I will be at school

  13. you mean Sunday 24th or Saturday 23rd

  14. One Problemo

    I Think The Blizzard Invasion Ia At The SAME TIME AS OUR RPF Battle

    UNLESS You Meant Sunday 24th November Coz Then Its Fine

    Oh And I Cant Come To The Second One. 11:30 Is A Massive Way Too Late Thing

  15. cant come on wed 11.30 too late

  16. I can come hopefully.

  17. Most likely to come

  18. I can come on the battle on the 27th for sure 100%

  19. i can make it

  20. I probebly cant make it Im leaving to Michigan today but i dont know what time 😦

  21. I can come

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