Hello, New Recruits! 

I suggest you join the DCP today! Join DCP, have fun battles and protect Club Penguin! D.C.P. Stands for Doritos Army of Club Penguin!

You should join us because..

We, the legendary Doritos are not any ordinary Club Penguin army..


We treat all our troops like family! We respect all of our troops and give them fair and high ranks! All they have to do is log onto Club Penguin and have fun battles! Sounds easy right? 

We go onto the battle field together, and what we do there is fight off all of the..


By “evil armies” I mean the armies that either bully other people, are extremely racist, are against Club Penguin, picking on a smaller army, or any other evil actions!

So, make the right decision today and


Through thick and thin we have always stood together and made it through the tough times and defeated all those other armies that were  proven to be evil!

To join us all you have to do is a simple task, which requires reading our join page and answering the questions on the join page by going to the bottom of the page a leaving a comment! You also must come on our chat during battles so you can know where we are, what room we are in during battles, and what tactics you are supposed to use to attack the enemy! 

Click this to visit our join page:

Click this to visit our chat room:

if you’re already in dcp use this post to your advantage and recruit to increase your chance at getting a promotion!

Until later, 

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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  1. Epic

  2. what is this stuff???????????????????? d:

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