Retirement of Xxtoysoldier

 Retirement of Xxtoysoldier

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Hello, Troops!

The time has come, where I, Xxtoysoldier, make a retirement from the great Doritos Army.

Joining Club Penguin in 2006, I never knew I would have as much of a good time than I thought I would back then. I thought I’d just be a normal penguin and play it every once in awhile, but I was completely wrong. Joining the Doritos Army of Club Penguin in 2012 from the bottom of the member ranks, all the way to leader, my journey comes to an end. Only leading this army for about 3 months, I must leave. Obviously I don’t want to, but I have to due to school. I will never forget the Doritos, or the Club Penguin Army Community, and I thank you for giving me such an exciting and fun time here! I would like to thank EVERYONE in the Doritos for helping me get this far, you all are amazing. When Musta and I led, we got first because we tried our hardest, and you, the troops did. Without any of you, we wouldn’t have gotten first on the top ten. All of you form the great Doritos Army, and you should be proud of that. If any of you left, we wouldn’t be what we are today. Don’t ever give up soldiers. Who knows, maybe if you work hard enough even you can achieve leader someday!

Okay, now onto why I am doing this retiring…I am retiring for one reason, school. The thing everyone hates, you know? Back to topic, I have horrible grades right now, and this needs to change. My parents told me they are giving me one week to get my grades together, or I cannot use my computer. It’s hard to get an F to and A in a week, so I gave up. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back in Summer of 2014, or earlier if my grades start to improve. I will also visit chat as much as I can to see how DCP is doing 🙂

Doritos, don’t get weaker, get stronger. Remember I will always be watching you, and in times of need I will always be there.


First DCP event I ever attended-July 29, 2012

First DCP event I ever attended-July 29, 2012


First Event I ever led

vlf4 (2)


First war I ever led

dcp-vs-uma-bunnyhill-forts-madfaces (1)





dcp-vs-uma-tourney13 (1) thisisdcp (2)

Once again, thank you for an amazing journey, I will never forget it. This was one of the best portions of my life. Hanging out with friends everyday, having fun on Club Penguin & meeting new friends in the Army Community, I won’t forget you.


NOTE: I didn’t add much people at all due to how much time I add had to make this post. This is also not in any order, just random.


Oh, Mustapha. You are an amazing leader, a GREAT friend, how could I forget you? You helped me in times of need and taught me just about everything in CP Warfare I currently know, you are truly a legend. You’re also the best person I have ever led with, not leading with a lot of people but by far you are the best. Also, let’s play MineCraft sometime xD 



OHHH, KILL EM DCP!! Lol, Bam, you are the funniest person I know, and a great leader! (The best combination ;)) I’ll never forget you bro. 



Hey, Wwe! We never got to talk much, so why not now? You’re an awesome leader and you made the #1 Army on Club Penguin. Be proud of that.



Hey man! You’re like a brother to me along with Musta. You were a confident leader, you had potential but didn’t use it to your fullest. Anyways, you’re hilarious and will always be remembered.



You’re a future leader of DCP, don’t mess up your chance. All I can say to you is recruit, recruit, recruit. You’re a great friend. ONE JOB, ONE JOB!!



Hey noob, get on my level. LOL. You are awesome, 13. You make everyone laugh right when you come on chat, and you’re cool to hang out with. See you around 😀



You’re a future leader of DCP, I can see it in you. The only problem is you don’t recruit. This must change if you want to earn leader bro. 


Lord Pain

You are god. *bow to the great one*



You’re all the future of DCP. Everybody counts on you to make battles, and recruit. Remember to listen to your leaders, and make them proud. Never give up, soldiers. You will ALL be remembered in my heart, and the community’s.

For the last time, 

March On!

~Xxtoysoldier Former DCP Leader


10 Responses

  1. It’s a hard competition between you and Bam and Wwe and Alf. But you’re one of the GREATEST leaders I have EVER led with, no doubt. It was an honor to lead with you. We had such an amazing partnership. I can’t believe you’re leaving so soon. I don’t know what it will be like without you. Sometimes, you motivate me to do better.. to recruit more.. to be the BEST! You’re also my best friend on xat. I honestly 100% doubt anyone will ever be able to replace you. I hope you can return one day. Put all that aside, if you don’t come on xat often.. You’re dead. ❤

  2. Toy.. YOU were the one who recruited me, YOU were the one who made me stay, YOU were the one who made myself stay when i was fired…. 5 times *wary* Im gonna miss you OHHH KILLL EM TOY!

    ~ Pjayo

  3. I`ll miss you Toy even though you were mean to me sometimes on tinychat and xat but you been a good friend to me with Musta and I love you 😀 ~Moospie~

  4. Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot 😦 Bye toy, you were an amazing leader!

  5. *wipes tears* Its so beautiful but sad

  6. I’ll miss you brother… 😦

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  8. So sad D : well bye amigo

  9. Goodbye…. I have not known you that long since I just joined but you sound like an amazing leader :’)

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