LT says ACP needs DCP and RPF to help in order to take down Light Troops.

But LT needs

Watex Warriors
Dark Warriors
Lightning Strikers
Redemption Force
Pizza Republic

To take down Pirates, a force that is now considered a “SMAC” army.


So yeah.


9 Responses

  1. I swear rocky made this post

  2. They contradict themselves, and it’s a shame. They shall learn, just like all the others that dare attack us, that we will destroy them.


  4. LT may suck but only for now, we are going to attack u we will catch up and kill all penguins on club penguin and WE WILL SHUT DOWN CLUB PENGUIN!!!

  5. jeez, I’m so glad I became a dorito instead of a light troop. I was actually considering becoming a light troop.

  6. LT does not need WW, WW does not even like them c=

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