Champions Cup II Semi Finals *MANDATORY*


Hello, Troops! 

We are facing the Ice Warriors in the next round of the Champions Cup! We have been making every single army surrender before the battle even begins, so lets not stop here! The is the 2nd to last round of the entire tourney. All of our hard work, and we’ve made it this far! OUR TIME IS NOW, DORITOS! 

TO THE NEW TROOPS: THIS IS THE TIME FOR A CLUB PENGUIN BATTLE! Make sure you can come so you don’t miss it and we can be victorious!


Battle against IW

Saturday, November 2nd

Klondike, Snowforts


3:00pm EST

2:00pm CST

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST

7:00pm UK

Be on chat!

Don’t know your timezone? Find out below!

zkE0xmH (3)

Blue=EST – If you’re in a state that’s colored blue, you’re EST

Green=CST – If you’re in a state that’s colored green, you’re CST

Yellow=MST – If you’re in a state that’s colored yellow, you’re MST

Red=PST – If you’re in a state that’s colored red, you’re PST


Hello Doritos! I thought sense we were doing AMAZING, I would have some giveaways! But it won’t come easy. Goals/Giveaways below:

 Goal: 45+ || One 7 day CP Membership giveaway! || *COMPLETED*

 Goal: 50+ || Promotions for everybody below 4ic, Xats giveaway & CP Memberships||

Goal: 60+ || Xat Powers, CP Memberships, HUGE XAT GIVEAWAYS, And big promotions!||

Remember, Doritos, the only way we can achieve these goals is by recruiting. Recruiting can be from getting your friends to join, or just asking a random Club Penguin player to join us!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


52 Responses

  1. I can come! We’ve made it this far, we can’t stop now!

  2. No no no i will not come because im in Ice Warriors also 😡 ~Moospie~

  3. looks like im going to hunt some bears
    il be there
    bears, get the bulletproof vest… youl need it

  4. I might come

  5. I will be dere

  6. I will be attending the battle

  7. I might be… don’t count on it though.

  8. I don’t know if I will be able to come but I will try but if something comes up I cant go! More further info later

  9. Wont be on again until fcking 3 more weekends but I will attend any battle we have on that day that I come back @Mustapha hopefully unless not home considering I made 5 events in October for DCP while being retired

  10. i can come 8)

  11. Can come

  12. i will try and come im not quite sure

  13. I can come

  14. Blu ~flu sick~ ill try to come like 50% not sure

  15. ehh

  16. GUESS WHAT? I’ll be there

  17. ill come

  18. I will be making a motivating video for us to inspire us to win our battles and get people to join the Doritos 😀

  19. I can come

  20. I’ll try to come.

  21. I’m coming!

  22. I can come, don’t worry.

  23. I can come Im Poodlelover152

  24. 50% that im coming 😛

  25. I am so gonna be there

  26. 9999999999.99% there LOL

  27. hey I’m pengChilly1 and I wanna join hehe

  28. I’ll come 🙂

  29. Probably will be there 🙂

  30. Im going to a party but if i cant come anyways ill try. 🙂

  31. i will be there 🙂 i always come! you can count on me! this is Andrew

  32. I’ll be there though<3

  33. I’ll try to be there.

  34. I will be in attendance.

  35. I’ll try to make it!

  36. Im coming,LETS DO THIS!

  37. of course i will come but first i will repair the dcp hq on club penguin

  38. i only come if its at the700pm

  39. I will be there!

  40. im coming

  41. Ya I’ll come ❤

  42. Nope, I have rehearsals

  43. I will be there But I don’t know if I will be picking out paint for the new house today

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