Hello, Troops!

Today we logged onto CP and defeated the evil Light Troops so badly they said they were shutting down. We maxed 50+ (note there were lockouts) and averaged 40+ while the Light Troops maxed 5. I thought we would at least get a challenge from them after all the trash talk on LT site, but I guess Waterkid and Spi are major failures. They even offered mega promotions and have been working for this event the entire week and they still got 5 on CP. That is what I call HILARIOUS.

LT shutting downLT annihlatedDCP vs LT resultsDCP vs LT 10dcp vs lt 8

DCP vs LT 7DCP vs LT 6DCP vs LT 5

DCP DCP DCP DCP DCP DCP e9 in xdcp vs lt 3dcp vs lt 2


chatsize 4

chatsize 3 /

chatsize 2

chatsize 1



Good job Doritos! Promotions will be given out! 

I am extremely proud of you all! Thanks to everyone who came! 

Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


20 Responses

  1. I came 😀

  2. I was there Ive somehow been to 5 events this month so none yah have reason to ban me forever I have been ture Dorito for almost 5 years niggas

  3. 1st Comment + I came

  4. i came

  5. good job we crushed them im in the top left corner

  6. I came and Plus Enter me as Penguin257/Evildogbone

  7. I came and I supported even more by being our mascot, the crab! I am hoping for my membership I’m zair67 too!


  9. i came and i earnd my mod

  10. I came!! (Moospie)

  11. lt isnt shutting down anymore

  12. Whya arent i 4ic
    i came to last weeks battle against acp and this weeks battle and i get no promo plz fix it i need my rank even ppl who have been in dcp for month have better ranks than me so pl make me 4ic now you owe me

  13. I went it was fun

  14. i came

  15. hello everyone i am amanda. if Mustapha is on the chat “i have been recruiting for 4 hours also i went to battles and i would make a great mod.” if you have any questions ask me (this message is for Mustapha)

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