Blood, Sweat, & Tears

Hello, Troops! 

We are battling an evil army known as the Light Troops in the next round of the Champions Cup. It is very important that we win this battle. Click Read More to find out more.

We must win the battle against the Light Troops. I don’t just want this to be an easy win, I want the LT to surrender within the first 5 minutes of the battle. I want us to achieve sizes that we have never achieved before. We must not only beat the LT, we must make them wish and pray that they never have to battle us ever again. You may be asking why this battle with the LT is so serious. Well, let me explain to you why that is.

We have gone to war with the Light Troops MANY MANY times. Each and every single time the DCP leaders tried their best to beat the LT. And many times we came up successful and defeated the LT. The LT have been trying to destroy us for a long time now. this time it is our job to make sure that doesn’t happen. The past generations have worked hard to prevent that from happening. We cannot allow LT to win. They are a racist and evil army.

The Pirates have been one of our main enemies for years now. You may be wondering why i’m mentioning the Pirates.. Waterkid was the Pirates leader the entire time that the Pirates have been enemies with DCP. Waterkid is the main enemy of DCP. Every army Waterkid joins will be DCP’s enemy. That is the way it will be forever, as long as I am leader. Waterkid shall be banished from the CP army community along with the other people as evil as him. I have never met anyone that is as evil as Waterkid. He is the most evil person I have ever talked to in my entire life. He bullies almost anyone, and is extremely racist. He’s even sexist. (Which means he is mean to girls, and thinks males are dominant and says things like “women should only be in the kitchen, not working) He also DOXES and DDOSES his own troops. People like this shouldn’t be allowed in this community. This is a community for kids.


Spi has returned to the Light Troops after they kicked him to the curb, and said he’s not the reason they got 1st on CPAC about a month ago. Lets make him regret joining the evil force known as LT!

waterkid needs spi

I am asking ALL Doritos to attend this event! Whether you have quit, been fired, retired, ect! We need as many troops as possible! Prove that you are truly a true Dorito! 

waterkid100 rejection

Make me, Bam, Toy, and Wwe proud! [Wwe will be attending this event!] 

Lets march onto Klondike on Saturday October 26th, and abolish all forces of evil that exist. I refuse to allow our golden age lose to a pathetic evil army known as the LT. Waterkid may claim that LT has gotten 1st spot more than us, but he sure as hell has not ever led an army to 1st spot.



Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


11 Responses


  2. I really hope we kick them in the ballsack, GO DCP FORR THE WIN. #TURNUP #KILLEM

  3. I might have retired but I’ll come -Andre Former 4ic

  4. When is it?

  5. what time for PST and what day

  6. XD!!!!!

  7. Toy approves bad comments?
    I think so!

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