Battle Against UMA

Hello, Troops! 

I am hoping you all read this post!

As ALL of you already should know, we are facing our main enemies the UMA in the Champions Cup Tournament. I expect all Doritos to try their best in order for us to win. I don’t want this tournament to end up like the last one, where so much hard work was put into it and we ended up not winning the very last battle against two of the greatest armies on Club Penguin.

Anything other than winning won’t be remembered. Us getting to the final round won’t even be remembered by the rest of the community. It may be in the Doritos hearts forever, but it won’t be remembered. For example… Do you remember the vice president of Abraham Lincoln? Me neither.

Whether I can attend this event or not, I expect DCP to win. And by win I do not mean slightly beating our greatest enemy, I mean I want UMA to wish that they never have to battle us again. I want DCP to be at least 15 troops bigger than the UMA. This would require all Doritos to try their best to make this event, and not only that but also recruit and inform troops about the battle.

If by any chance we lose this battle, I will be demoting every single owner and I will also be demoting the mods / members who do not attend the battle. There will be severe punishments for everyone. Even if you’re a leader, or a member. And I mean it.

If we work together as a team, and never give up… I promise we will be the best army to ever live. 

United we Conquer, Divided we Fall.

United we Conquer, Divided we Fall.

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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