Hello, Troops! 

Let the cring begin..

There’s some angry kids coming to Club Penguin army chats raging because their old crappy game got shut down. They have threatened to invade us and “report us to cp” 😆 I find these kids to be extremely funny.

I think it would be really fun if there was actually a war between these punk toons and cp armies. I’m sure it would be an easy victory but also a fun victory.


Alb former IW leader linked me to their chat so I showed it to some other people and we raped them. Their chat was soon reset after Club Penguin armies united and made them begin to start cring.


I know this most likely won’t be a Club Penguin war between Penguins and Toons but I just made this post because I think that’s the proper way to settle our differences. Hopefully this will turn out to be a great and fun war for all armies to unite as one and make these guys ragequit the internet like they should of back when toontown got shutdown by disney two days ago. 

Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend 


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  1. Toons suck, are crazy and stupids too! :@

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