Recently the UMA army realized that they were getting slapped around like a couple of rag dolls and decided upon themselfs (meaning Wg decided) that UMA can “Isolate themself” and ignore any war along with keep any servers, even though we have accurate proof of every invasion << I can’t tell you how much i laughed at the latest post on UMA, it was just too funny.

UMA thinks there dying because they went down on the top ten, When clearly the past 3 top tens have all been UMA on 5 bar servers yelling turn Red. But thanks to DCP, UMA realized that they aren’t even cut out to take on any armies (there sizes clearly show). Wg can deny it all he wants but when you think back he refers to doing more “tactic sessions” aka 5 bar sessions.



UMA’s top ten 2 weeks ago, Note the “everybody turn red”, Easy to see 5 bar server.


UMA’s most recent 1 bar server activity, Note that any of the battles with DCP weren’t posted, because they were even worse! LOL

***NOTE *** No sizes really changed with UMA because before they started going on 5 bars they were making around the same sizes as they did last week. 

But what got me the most is that they think just because they made a post saying there “isolated” makes them inevitable to war. The Ice Warriors were a isolated army because no one declared war ON THEM. They wouldn’t “Ignore” invasions because they dont think they can take any, The fact they choose not to fight other armies made them isolated, they never ran away from a war directly against them (Unlike some army we all know)

From UMA’s post

UMA doesn’t even legitally own half of these servers, let alone the ones DCP JUST INVADED [LOL]

Well UMA have fun with your 5 bar sessions to look big, WOOPS I MEAN “TACTIC SESSIONS”, DCP well be having fun invading all of your servers 😉

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  1. Says the people who switch to miner hats on the iceberg so rouges think you’re trying to tip it.. And by the way, if you could not realize, the person saying ‘everybody turn red’ is clearly not UMA as he is dressed in gold. Also, we even have chat size proof that the event pictured on this post was not rogues as we had 41 on the chat wth the time. Bam, get your facts right please.

  2. I agree with this, tbh.

  3. […] DCP was not one to let the war end there, however, and responded with a swift mocking of UMA. […]

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