Rocky25721’s Final Retirement

Dear everyone,         *NOTE: There May be Some swears.
I have decided too consider myself as Retired until further notice starting after Monday cause it was nice to help my favorite armies such as Doritos, Army Republic, Water Vikings, Ice Warriors and Sun Troops. There’s few others too but these are main ones. I dont regret this decision what so ever and it was fun you guys. But lately the way Ive been treated here has caused meh too make this decision and I wont be on CPAC chats much anymore unless Fridays-Sundays most likely. I wanta thank now some of my best online friends that helped me the most and thats all that he (no not she) wrote for here. 😀
Best Online Friends That I’d Wanto Thank:
1.) Albert417 – You were my best motha fckin online friend ever that I have and thank you for helping me when I was and wasn’t nooby adn you’re the coolest. 😀
2.) Jack (AKA Dataco) – I helped you become welcomed by the Ice Warriors chat when they were talking smack about you and you returned the favor and stuck up for me thank you for that cause your a great friend.
3.) Kaboom – I know times were hard awhile after you were in Ice Warriors for a while but you came back and visited some and were great friend to me aswell too. 😀
4.) Carter (AKA Greeniscool) – You have been mah favorite dang troop from the Doritos and always will be my favorite of the Doritos Leaders and you were nice to me and stuck up for me alot too youra great friend. 😀
5.) Badboy – Lol I have to say that we started on bad note when I first met you came to respect me and your one of my best online friends too here thank you for everything you did for me right noww. 😀
6.) Kreatos – I’ve only known you for months really but I have come to think of you as a good friend no matter what thank you for being cool friend.
7.) Emmarose – You are sooo fcking cool and I dont know how to thank you for the stuff you’ve done for me and you were nice to me also your soo great. 😀
8.) Boofgall – You were one of the darn coolest people I have known ever since we met from Ice Warriors chat but I will remember you the most from Sun Troops your great friend.:D
9.) Bam117 – You were always one of the funniest to me and I wanta thank you for not ever hating me and being fair to me onn Doritos chat your great friend.
10.) Wwebestfan – Now I wouldnt have been with Doritos without meeting you and you were great person and never mistreated me and we had funn times so thank you great friend.
11.) Hershey658 – Lets just say you were like my College maniac buddy ever since I met you even though the first few months werent so good youra great friend. 😀
12.) Zee Daner – Youra great friend and you were soo funny and random at the same dang time stay funny friend. 😀
13.) Gill1097 – I would consider you as my mentor cause you were smart funny and nice to me all at the same dang time hahaa Ill miss the laughs and joking bout people great friend. 😀
14.) Gadunka – I hope you read this and you were also one of the funny ones and quite horny but we had funny times since I met you and youra great friend and the horniest. 😀
15.) Motoxjohn – Where have you been dude it was great knowing you and trolling and stuff was fun too great friend.
16.) Mustapha10 – Lets just say wheni first met you we became friends right away youre funny but I know times havent been so good between us lately but I can forgive you if you forgive me and youra great friend. 😀
17.) XxToysoldierX – I have known you for just months but I consider you one of my great friends and stay horny lmao youra great friend. 😀
18.) Magma781 – We had fun times in the past with Ice Warriors and I know that we havent gotten along much lately but I can forgive you too if you do the same youra great friend to have. 😀
19.) Alfrondo – Lol you were great friend and we had fun times and yes you’re still my man whore great friend. 😀
20.) Wenny123abc – You were the nicest person tbh here you had the most faith in me and was great friend. 😀
21.) Sercan – You were soo fair and nice to me with Golden Troops when people were being dick to me and with Sun Troops too youra great friend.
22.) Subs (AKA Meano4) – I miss the good times that weve had from the past youra great friend. 😀
23.) Samra – You were soo fckin cool and I dont know what to say your a great friend. 😀
24.) Meta (AKA Shyguy91) – You were funny and weird at the same dang time but great friend too. 😀
25.) Buritodaily – Thanks for treating me nice and youra great friend. 😀
26.) Vinny – You were quite funny and yeah I miss good times great friend. 😀
27.) Ben (AKA Surf) – The times were great from Ice Warriors, Golden Troops and Sun Troops chat youra great friend.
28.) Teal Violin – Your sucha Michael Jackson fanatic but you were great friend. 😀
29.) 122344a – You were nice to me and quite funny too great friend. 😀
30.) Royilumbo – Your the coolest noob that I know haaha great friend too. 😀
31.) Taco – You were sucha cool person and great friend I dont know what to say.
32.) Cece – You were quite funny in the past and times on Ice Warriors chat youra great friend. 😀
33.) Bepboy9 – You love Oreos too much seriously lmao youra great friend. 😀
34.) Kingfunks – Stay horny my friend and btw you were sucha great friend to meh since we met from Golden Troops.
35.) Juju – You were the most generous dang person ive known right now youra great friend. 😀
36.) Brass Ass Dash – Whered you get that name from dude and you were soo nice to me even though I can be quite nooby youra great friend. 😀
37.) Zakary – You were great friend to have we had good times but honestly lol I wanta be the God Of Sausage. 😀
38.) Aaronstone42 – You used too joke around bout me and were nice to me also at the same dang time too but I will miss the good times broski great friend. 😀
39.) Shad – Where can I start you were soo funny whenever I was on the same chat and I remember you the most from Light Troops sadly but was still good my great friend. 😀
40.) Jo8093 – Visit some time again dude miss the good times we had great friend. 😀
41.) Penguin257 – Your a great friend despite the fact you aboose too much hahaa. 😀
42.) Aqua – Your funny and I miss the good times we had from the past great friend. 😀
43.) Aln007 – Where the fckkk are you cause I miss the good times we had and you will always be great friend. 😀
44.) Benji (AKA Firestar) – You were always great friend despite our bad start. 😀
45.) Awesome Austin – You and me had funny times especially from Doritos and Golden Troops chat and stay horny my great friend lmao. 😀
46.) Patriot – You have been great friend but visit Doritos some times. 😀
47.) Icey Cold27 – Your quite funny for somebody from ACP chat haaha but youra great friend. 😀
48.) Fluffy (AKA Superaalden) – You’re soo obsessed with sheep but youra great friend. 😀
49.) Blondie – I have known you for just months but youra great friend. 😀
50.) Arch – You were great Doritos Leader and visit dude great friend. 😀
51.) King Blooy – You were sucha great friend ever since I met you from what ever chat that was. 😀
52.) Christohper1 – Just lmao your sucha horny dang bitch in a good way youra great friend. 😀
53.) Alicia – Your quite the funny one and miss good times from Ice Warriors chat. 😀
54.) Crypto – Where have you been lately and I miss the funny times my great friend. 😀
55.) Funkikiflurry – Visit sometime I miss the good times we had from Ice Warriors chat my great friend. 😀
56.) West004 – You were great Doritos Leader and I miss good times my great friend. 😀
57.) 13yearoldnoob – You were epic Doritos Leader miss good times we had and can you visit my great friend. 😀
58.) Bearsboy – I have known you months but you were great friend. 😀
Best History Club Penguin Armies:
1.) Doritos 2ic/Advisor (Owner)
2.) Army Republic 2ic (Owner)
3.) Water Vikings 2ic (Owner)
4.) Ice Warriors Head General (High Mod)
5.) Sun Troops General (High Mod)
6.) Golden Troops General (High Mod)
7.) Dark Warriors Head Colonel (High Mod)
8.) Global Defenders Head General (High Mod)
Thats all the b****** wrote for here peaceout. 😀



P.s Rocky made me post this 😥 ~Penguin257



28 Responses

  1. I used Grammar what now dont hate lmao

    • Anyone that I forgot too mention forgive meh the post was taking up space as it ish I love you ALLLLL Smecksy Fuckas

      • For every week they are first in the Top 10 starting this year each main leader (for that army) will get 300 xats per week the army is first in top10 and you will get paid sometime early the next year :O


  3. You are a funny and great guy. I wish you the best of success in life and I’m glad to see that you have done well in this community.

  4. omg i got no smile on my description cries.
    anyway you were a good friend and will be missed 🙂

  5. Rocky, you’re hilarious and awesome, good luck and have fun 😉

  6. Penguin what the fuck why censor the only 2-3 cuss words I said that were even censored the fackkkkk?????

  7. AW THANKS ROCKY ILY BABE – Stay awesome bruh xD and don’t forget were still married ❤

  8. Rocky told me to comment

  9. Farewell, Rocky! I hope we’ll still be in touch. You were a great friend and it sucks to see you leave, but I’m sure we will still talk and everything. =)

  10. Thank goodness.

  11. Dont trust musta he hacked me 😦

  12. Lmfao wow Blake bull shit

  13. thanks rocky ❤

  14. thanks rocky ❤ good friend

  15. thanks bro ❤

  16. Mah Top10 Fave Doritos Leaders: 1.) Carter 2.) Bam 3.) Wwebestfan 4.) 13yearoldnoob 5.) Aaronstone 6.) Toysoldier 7.) West 8.) Mustapha 9.) Arch 10.) Alfrondo


  18. Ewww this grammar sucks

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