Pats Final Retirement

Patriot’s final retirement
Yes, you hear correct, I, Patriot, am retiring. I just find that the community is becoming overcome with the newer generation of soldiers, and I just don’t see a place for me in this newer community. I have loved this army since I joined back many months ago. My great friend Mustapha recruited me into the army, and eventually made me come out of retirement for the army. I feel like I have served this army to the best of my abilities, even though that might not have been much. Many people have helped me get to where I am today. I failed to reach many of my goals I set for myself, but I have succeeded in many ways I did not think I would.  This community has changed me in many ways, some positive, and some negative. I know everyone who leaves this community looks back on it with such positive light, and I must say, so do I. I know I won’t be missed much, during my final weeks I wasn’t much of a help, I was pretty much just a nuisance, but I still did my best to help DCP. See, I am more of a political person then I am an actual battle person. This community proves that we kids can really make something out of nothing. This army has been through ups and downs, but I know under the leadership of Alf, Toy and West this army will succeed. I have many people to thank, and it wouldn’t be right to not include them into my post.

Musta, you are the greatest person I have ever met in this community; words cannot describe the sadness that went through me when you retired. You bravely lead DCP out of a slump and brought us up to sizes of 50+. I always knew you had it in you, but I never thought you would succeed this well. From the first time we met, back in FD, we became instant friends. You led me to PW, then PW to DCP. You truly helped guide me throughout my career. I know we never got to say our final words to each other, but I truly wish the best for you. See you on the front lines, bro.

Mch, I doubt you’re reading this, but you took me under your wing when I was a noob in ACP, and I never had the chance to thank you properly. You always believed in me when I was a noob, and that really helped me. Thanks man.

West, we got off to a rocky start, I don’t even remember how we met, but I’m glad we became friends.  Musta couldn’t have picked a better person to lead DCP. You and toy make a great team, and I wish nothing but the best for you man.

Toy, I remember when you were a 3ic with me, but you climbed the ranks like a mofo, and I’m proud of you too. Musta picked a great person to lead DCP. We don’t really talk much anymore, and I understand you’re busy. Good luck in life man, you deserve it.

Damn man, we’ve had our share of rough patches. But I always looked up to you like a father; you were always my leader in DCP.  Your retirement made me sad as well; you deserve every ounce of respect you’re given, and more. I wish I could write more, but let me say, I really don’t know anything about you. Respect man; hope we can talk once more before I leave.

I hate you. But you do deserve my respect, you’re a pretty cool dude, the only thing you could fix is the… *cough*abuse*cough. Just kidding man, good luck in life.

You’re quite the noob, but you’re pretty cool. Good luck in college!

13, you were always a friend to me, I respect you for everything you did for PW and DCP, I realize that I messed up PW for you, but it’s a little late to fix that now, don’t you think? Good luck in life man, you deserve it!

You’re by far my favorite Blue brother, you ran CPAC like an oiled machine man, good luck with CPAC and whatever else you wish to accomplish, good luck in life.

Sam, we were tight during the end of our careers, you were cool, and I was cool. Good luck in life gurl.

You must have thought I forgot about you, eh? But I didn’t. First off, I would like to apologize for my noobish antics during your time as 2ic, I don’t even know why I wanted to get rid of you. All I know is that you demand respect, and you’re given it. Good luck in life man.

Meta, I watched you climb the ranks of DCP. When you joined I was a newly minted owner, and you were a noobish mod. In a sort of way I feel like I took you under my wing, even though you far surpassed me. Good luck in life man, you deserve it.


So, in closing, the first thing I would like to do is apologize to everyone I missed, I can’t remember everyone from the beginning of my career, but for everyone I missed I would like to say THANK YOU. Everyone in DCP and the community has changed me personally. DCP is a special army, and everyone in DCP knows it. I hope the leadership can keep DCP alive long enough for me to show my children, that’s a crazy wish, I know. But DCP deserves to stay along alive for as long as possible. We’re under good leadership, and I suspect we will continue to be under good leadership.  Everyone in DCP has this sort of vibe to them, that’s the only reason I ever came back. You are all good people, and for that, I am forever thankful. I am thankful for the year DCP allowed me to serve, but I only wish I had three more to give. I know I have not given much of a reason as to why I am suddenly retiring, so I will explain. Last year in school, I did shitty. I’ll be honest, this year I want to do good, so that means a lot of studying and a lot of extra time devoted to school, time that usually went to DCP. Now, don’t get too worried, I will still come visit you guys every once and awhile to check in, and the leadership will get some info to contact me as they see fit. I do wish to become an advisor of some sorts, but if that is declined I know why. This has to be the hardest decision I have ever made in my career, but it’s for the best.

P.s Pat made me make this post 😉 ~Penguin257


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  3. Pat i appreciate every single thing you said. I love you bro, we had a rough ending but in the end we are still like family. See you.on the front lines, my brother.

  4. You almost made meh cring

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