Legends cup final round results + other events

Hello, Troops!

Today the 3 biggest armies on Club Penguin logged on to have an amazingly great battle and as we marched onto the ghost server Klondike, we all brought it up to 3 bars and gave it our all to pull through this one. Its hard to get all your troops into one room with Purple Republic there, and its even harder to get all your troops on when the biggest armies on CP are your opponents. Either way we still did amazing.

I personally believe without a doubt that if we tried as hard as the winners of this battle did, we would of won. Bam and I were gone for this entire week pretty much, and we did take this battle seriously but not as serious as it should have been taken.

Even though we lost this one, the golden age has just begun. 

United we conquer, Divided we fall. 

We all worked together to get this far, it would make no sense at all to stop here.

We maxed 55+ and averaged 45+. 

legends cup cakes fortstown 11111111111dcp jbomb legends cupdcp madfaces forts legends cuppizzas fortsDCP VS NACHOS LEGENDS CUPdcp forts legends cup sizedcp legends cup town 1dcp cove legends cup 1dcp legends cup size town 11


Great battle to the armies we were facing

-This part of the post is last nights recruiting that we didn’t have the chance to post, and pictures from our raid of UMA vs ACP- 

Both of these events were UNSCHEDUALED!

late night recruiting

late night recruiting

dcp raiding uma vs acpdcp vs acp vs uma 1DCP vs UMA

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


12 Responses

  1. it was a great event


  3. Purple Republic Gtfo Understand That?

  4. Wee didnt max sixty nine what the fack 😥

  5. Don’t let today’s troubles
    Bring you down,
    Or allow you to question
    Your ability

    Don’t let life’s little obstacles
    Keep you from trying,
    Or become the reason
    For defeat

    Don’t let your fears
    Keep you from dreaming,
    Or from chasing
    your dream

    Don’t give up for any reason
    Believe in yourself,
    And in yourself
    You’ll find strength

    – Connivence

  6. and oh yeah, i came. – Connivence / Flame8991

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