[Done and Done] – Retirement

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Dang its been this long already? today ill be announcing my leave/Retirement  from DCP and all CP armies in general. My time here has been amazing and most enjoyable. I spent the majority of my entire army experience in DCP, to the point to where i could be seen on chat way too much. But due to work and finishing up school popping back into the situation I wouldn’t be nearly as active and wouldn’t be of that much use as a leader. Well, This is it guys.

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Nearly 3 years ago i posted a join comment on the nachos site, but naturally me being added to ranks took way too long so as I was bored I went back on club penguin and stumbled across DCP while they were in the middle of battle.I was told by Wwebestfan to search up dcp army on the web, It might have taken a few minutes but after that I was on there site, after a few days my join comment was approved and I was added as Captain on ranks, I was told that coming to wars and events was the best way to get promoted, and I still believe that ever since. I spent many hours on there slowly but surely working my way up through the DCP ranks, Even winning comment contests and showing up to those huge promotion events. Yeah some might say ACP or Nachos were the way to go but in all honesty I loved all the fights and wars and nothing could compare to the chat at night. I mainly remember DCP wars consisting of the Icy Troops stole many DCP, I was pretty loyal and I wasn’t even really in it for the “higher rank in another” and honestly I prefer orange anyday, Not to mention how much I loved doritos and there crazy owners. I have to admit the first few weeks or so I was even pretty noobish myself, I remember walking into DCP chat everyday and yelling out “WAZZUPP” because I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I would also like to add I was troop of the month and funny thing is I still have the picture that was posted on Site of my cp account.

The red sailor cap had been my favorite Clubpenguin item for as long as I remember and seeing that in the uniform just made me love DCP. After serveral wars such as the one where the “Confederation” declared war on ACP and tried to kill them. I remember leading in a few troops doing and showing up to all the events, hell I even remember being elected a DCP senator when I was mod, I even had it in my name a few times. (lol) After DCP was hacked it was up to alfrondo to try and hold the remains of DCP together that with the help of former leaders and a few new owners such as me and Crazyhightec at that point we all weren’t at the best shape but we were just starting to get moving.

DCP’s first event back after the 1st generation fell. (Wwebestfan was on vacation but still came on late)

After Brandons return DCP would eventually keep moving higher and higher along with more wars and fight. The chat had always been a main part of DCP but not as much as you would compare to it now. DCP’s old chat wasn’t ever really even active that much besides the main group, Most of the others would just show up to events and stay on for a bit after that. And thinking back I had never really been a huge fan of non cussing chat rooms, and that was a main reason i loved DCP chat so much, You could see things happen there that some people wouldn’t talk about for a million years.

At this point in DCP I had lost nearly 6 – 7 elections to become the next leader, Even losing to newer recruits. But eventually my close friend Crazyhightec would step down and hand the position over to me, But again I failed that too. Later on I would disppear after the certain incident and rejoin Nachos where Billy Mays and Ads were leading. At this point I believe i was truly learning how to give good commands and it would explain my nacho phrases and Tactics such as calling E+9 “Warfaces”. Though again after I became bored eventually I would return DCP and have another shot at Leader through my rain would sometimes be short I came back so many times to claim title of the 3rd DCP head, I was there, I was the most active besides Alfrondo and Wwebestfan, And the fact that I had been DCP leader so many times was a given proof. Throughout just about all of my DCP career, I had basically accomplished nothing but failures to DCP, getting overthrown nearly 6 times and demoted once, along with my retirements being swift and un-moving, At some point I lead DCP along with Alfrondo and Aninjaboy that was the first time we had proved DCP can go somewhere without Wwebestfan and that would be the last time until this generation. Countless times i have failed DCP and countless times I tried to comeback and make amends for my failures and on many accusations those ending in failures as well.

First Nacho vs DCP war [2010]

But over these years I’ve learned many things that have related to me and many situations, and the fact that DCP has stopped me from doing many dumb decisions that I might have done if it hadn’t been for everyone. DCP has and always will be my rightful home and family, I went by the teachings that there is no true friends but only Family and Enemies. Even a family member can be a enemy it just depends on how you see that person and how you think they see you. I have went by the notion that Family is what matters the most and nothing of that compares, through but I also believe quitters are quitters. It can hurt me a bit but trying to catch something that has already fallen down a hole isn’t worth my time. Honestly I think I could sit here all day and tell you about what I think is right and wrong but I hate over extending stuff. (If I already haven’t) 😉

This Generation has been the best to me, DCP reclaimed a amazing spot in the top ten once again but this time without Wwebestfan

Thank You’s

Note: there are only a few added, the reason being is there is WAY too many people to thank for everything

Mustapha: I hadn’t ever imagined i’d be in this situation again, Not until you came along and wouldn’t back off from me returning, I’ve had the best time leading together and This has been the most successful leadership of my entire Army Career, I honestly feel like we made a wonderful partnership, Not to mention how much we discussed every situation DCP would get into. Thank you for everything my friend, You are a amazing leader and I hope the best for you and DCP.

Cul: In all honestly like Mustapha, I was asking you questions the whole way through my leadership mainly the events leading up to the tournament, You have always been there for DCP (when we weren’t on the opposite playing fields) and have always been there to give me your good 2 sense, Which I normally would base off of my decision.

Wwebestfan: You know I could never forget you, While you might have been gone this generation but I was basing my entire leadership off of what I remember you doing when you were leading, how you handled the troops and how you may due with going on and on

57to: Lol wow, You and cul had to have been the most active retired legends/leaders out of all of them, You constantly came to the events we needed you the most in, I could have my complete trust in you during the battles to lead while i was locked out or gone, You’ve always been there for us ever since our wars with HSA, hell even before that.

B1 and B2: I’m not sure how everyone in DCP feels about you guys, but I’ve known you two for a good while and I have always enjoyed talking to both of you whenever i could. Some people might be like “NO THE TOP TEN SUCKS, ITS BIASED11!!!” But I’ve always loved the top tens, it has always brought in competition and a good reason for everlasting war into this small community of ours.

All of DCP: Its all thanks to you guys we made it this far, without you guys this army is nothing but a website and a dead chat. You guys all worked together to build DCP to this point and put your as much effort into trying to help DCP as you could. Thank you all for making this a very enjoyable stay. I couldn’t have asked for a better generation to lead in.

And a special thanks to everyone who showed up for the legends cup tournament, I realize we didn’t win but we sure smacked a few armies back into the sewers!

A few pictures of DCP and more:

Did you see our big D?

How I feel right now:

Bam117: Leader and legend, with a record setting 10 times of leadership

Thanks for all the good times, And yes we do look that good in Orange

Bam117, Signing off


11 Responses

  1. Bye Bam we’ll all miss you.

  2. This is so sad 😦 Thanks for everything love ya man I’ll never forget you and I better see you around. Thanks for being the greatest leader I have ever led with, it’s been a great time. I wish you luck in your future ❤

  3. The time soon comes for parting,
    And our time is at an end,
    The rest of your life is starting,
    And we have no time at all to spend.

    You knew one day you’d have to go,
    But thought you’d have more time.
    We can’t reverse time’s one-way flow,
    But at least you’ll have this rhyme.

    You had your shining moments,
    Upon this life’s darkened stage,
    And in my book of wonderments,
    You’ll never be just another page.

    Like the exploding of a star,
    You’ve changed me in and out,
    Your light will travel with me far,
    Past when all other lights go out.

    We will all miss you, bam.

    – Connivence

  4. Bam- I don’t know what to say :(. You were the funnest leader (funnest is now a word *wary*).. you honestly will be missed. I cried during Alfrondo’s retirement, but DAMN. I don’t know what DCP will become without you.

    Good luck in your future bam, and remember, you can do anything if you try your best. <3.

    ~Xxtoysoldier, Doritos Leader in Testing

  5. bam ily js (wary)

  6. Fuck man, I really don’t know what to say. I am really going to my one of my best friends.

  7. Bye Bam, it was great knowing you in the past few months.

  8. i guess this will be the last time i say this… SEG HAIL BAM!


  9. Byye bam 😥

  10. Bye Bam, have fun in retirement!

  11. Man I still miss you even though you were on just an hour ago. Guess I can’t forget our memories. Love you man you’re the greatest person I have ever met, thanks for everything!

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