Declaration of War on UMA [TODAY]

Hello, Troops! 

>> To join Doritos Army click here << 

❗ Invasion of Tundra ❗ 

Monday, August 12th


4:00pm EST

3:00pm CST

2:00pm MST

1:00pm PST

9:00pm UK

➡ UMAs part only 


❗ Invasion of Bunny Hill ❗ 

Sunday, August 11th


8:00pm EST

7:00pm CST

6:00pm MST

5:00pm PST

1:00am UK

(UK Excused)

➡ this is UMAs capital server


❗ Invasion of Mittens ❗ 

Monday, August 12th


2:00pm EST

1:00pm CST

12:00am MST

11:00am PST

7:00pm UK

Don’t know your timezone? Find out below! 

Blue=EST – If you’re in a state that’s colored blue, you’re EST

Green=CST – If you’re in a state that’s colored green, you’re CST

Yellow=MST – If you’re in a state that’s colored yellow, you’re MST

Red=PST – If you’re in a state that’s colored red, you’re PST

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


37 Responses

  1. Pink Mafias is back? That is what Meta told me….

  2. I can make Sunday one down with redfags

  3. Time for us to crush DCP with Pink Mafias.

  4. you have not giving any formal declaration of war and your logic is invalid since neither ACP or DCP have ever updated their server claims since 2011. Your declaration of war thus all of your invasions are null and void, also UMA will continue to ignore any declaration of war from DCP until they have a leader who isn’t shit.

    • Our servers page hasn’t been updated since 2011? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all year.

    • So, you’re saying DCP’s invasions don’t count because you think Mustapha and Toy are bad leaders?
      As a former UMA leader, that’s pretty low.

      • Cul, you’re one of the best retired leaders I have ever met in my entire life. I love you and thanks for being here for DCP man. I can’t thank you enough. :mrgreen:

      • No you fail to properly read words placed on a D-list CP Army website. He has failed to provide any legitimate purpose for declaring war on UMA assisting a low-class army like ACP. The only ones being hurt from this little endeavor is yourselves for trying to assist such a shitty little army called ACP.

      • What does ACP even have to do with this argument? The fact that you even mention them shows you have little mental capacity and should stop commenting on our website. And the ACP may seem like they’re in decline as of now, but they will always be a better army than your shit of an army. They will rise once more, and it will be while your shit of an army is dead and forgotten in the world of CP Armies.

      • I don’t have to provide a reason in order to declare war you retard

      • You have to otherwise everything you do will be null and void to UMA. You sir, are more retarded than Kingfunks4.

      • Someone must’ve read up on there “Declaring War on Other Club Penguin Armies for Dummies” book. And the fact that you even mentioned Funks makes you a retard, because he is completely irrelevant. How about all of DCP just follows the rules of the big, bad, UMA? Would that make your panties wet? Please stop commenting on our site, peasant.

    • An informal declaration? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that a CP ARMY GAME needed to be formal to have a valid declaration. And I didn’t realize that you know all about our servers. If we may tickle your p***y anymore, please, contact us at 800-GO-F***YOURSELF 🙂

  5. I can come to all<3

  6. Maybe we can eat doritos after this. lol.

  7. I can make it

  8. I’ll be there

  9. i will be their LETS TAKE THEM DOWN!


  11. i can come

  12. dang guess im not coming ):

  13. Can come to all

  14. PRobably so 😀

  15. time zone chart hahaha noob army is noob

  16. I’ll be at both, sorry I missed the one yesterday I was on vacation.


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