Waterskid100 declares war everyone run as fast as you possibly can

Hello, Troops!

Today I got a private chat linking me to a post that Waterkid made on CPPA site and he wanted to invade Summit from us right before our legends cup. I literally laughed.

Well, now that we all know Waterkid is trying to wipe the dust off his puny army that we killed in a recent war we should all just quit life and run.


  • Servers – they can’t even invade any severs because they don’t have any servers (we invaded them all) you can even check yourselves. You need servers to invade us. How would it be fair for you to be able to invade us, and us not being able to retaliate because you don’t actually own any servers?
  • Small army bill – Pirates got like a whopping 5 at their last event! I do congratulate them on getting these all time high sizes but unfortunately we have the right to IGNORE small armies.

p.s. As many of you know, I’m back from my 1 week “vacation” and its time to get DCP back on track. 

Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


2 Responses

  1. Waterkid for biggest cock sucker

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