Hello, Troops

Today we had to battle ACP in the semi finals legends cup tournament. We went in, dominated, and came out victorious. In a 6-0 vote DCP won. All the judges agreed on it.  Now we’re going to the finals. I’m proud of each and every single true dorito who has been coming to the events and playing their role in the army. We’ve gone this far, so why stop now! GOOD JOB GUYS, OUR TIME IS NOW! 

We averaged 40+ and maxed close to 50. 

Here’s the pics, click to enlarge.

acp vs dcp begins

dcp vs acp size berg dcp vs acp prebattle dcp vs acp hellodcp vs acp jbomb 2dcp vs acp iceberg madfacesdcp vs acp iceberg sunsdcp vs acp 1111dcp iceberg vs acp

Locked out Doritos in the Forts

Locked out Doritos in the Forts

prebattle1 dcp vs acpdcp vs acp jbomb1dcp vs acp jbombdcp icebergdcp-vs-acp-size-berg

Comment if you came! 

Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


13 Responses

  1. I came 😉

  2. made it

  3. I came but got blocked from xat

  4. I came 😀

  5. I Came.

  6. I came to that great battle against ACP i am so proud of my army. We dominated, and i will also be attending the finals. My name is Hawk67.


  7. I was there! O:

  8. I attended

  9. Pjayo is a traitor wat a ass

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