2nd on top 10!

Hello, Troops!

We are currently second on top 10 after beating Nachos in the legends cup!

I wanted to thank EVERYONE who helped me and Bam achieve 2nd on top 10 and most importantly, make Doritos the best army once again. Without everyone coming together we wouldn’t of made it this far. We worked as a team and as a team we are unstoppable. As soon as all the true Doritos unite everyone knows they are in deep trouble when they step foot in the path of the Doritos.

This is only the second time in history that DCP has ever been 2nd on the top 10 and I am proud to be the one who led DCP to 2nd both times.

With or without Wwe, with or without Alf, without anyone, if you never give up, we can do it. Always try your best and you will get the best results in return.

I’m glad we’ve made it this far and we don’t plan on stopping just yet so even though we are 2nd on the top 10, that doesn’t give us the right to not recruit, or to relax. That’s what retirement is for. Shine now, and in the end we can retire as respectable LEADERS in this community.  We have to keep trying our best in order to stay on top. We have rivals now, we have to battle for that first spot. And every single recruit counts. That extra recruit will make the difference in the future. So now that we’re here, it’s going to be hard to stay. It’s not easy. Let the recruiting begin.

[click to enlarge]

dcp 2nd


I still remember the day I told you guys United we conquer divided we fall like it was just yesterday. (prob cause it was last month1!!1!) but straight to the point, if we work together we will come up victorious no matter what. None of us are as cruel as all of us. Because we are a family, we work together, we’re better than all those other armies because of that reason. We work together as a family, they work alone as an army.





All true Doritos,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


2 Responses

  1. Umm well I am surprised Doritos went from 8th all the way to 2nd just from beating nachos. Im really impressed and Doritos keep up the good work. Im sure we can get to 1st on Cpa central and we will do better.

  2. We do look sexy in orange<3

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