Hello, Troops! 

Here’s the promotions I promised you guys!

Don’t complain over not getting promoted, or I will demote you. Do not complain over getting demoted, or i’ll demote you again. If you got 4ic this week, don’t count on getting promoted to 3ic lol

I shall make another post for Toy, West, Carter, ect..

Red = Demotion

Red = Double Demotion

Green = Promotion

Green = Double Promotion

 Mustapha10, Bam117







Naruto,  Sprite, Apollo, Austin, Jack Frenzy, Melissa, John6197, Nick32228,

Coolorange54,  Slippykicky, Simi,

Jasonwashere, CelticXixah, Tokyoguy, jimmy33333, Dan705, Dolores63

bluekid100, Godzilla Joshua, iLakers, Pjayo, Alice, 1goblinguy, Zigi

Star85561,Lakers,  Pingo59674, Jack40792, Britpenguin3, BRNDAV, Jack mcintyr, Flame8991, 

Stormer4879, Moe8, Josh2883,jmn6,Alex McG123, Anna Mcg, Crob30, Mariefluffy5, tiimmy, lightercan75, Aqua3536, ,farkey28905, daisyfido, 


P70635 keva1022,Criscollins, Cenafan01,Buddypoop,Artistpengu,zanerexn41,Cookielover1,jpick9,Deena Korea1,Smokey White, Beaker9, Paris 3537, Waddles31674, Mario Hobo, Blogboy93, Kyle2000

 6 jeff hardy, Julia882, Girliemae, IcexEagle,Tokyoguy, olumroller, WavyGrace123, yoshi617, keva1022, yeahbuddy172,

Max43810, Icystorm 9,dsgajv1234,Dash113,Artistpengu, eceer1, Maniacmatt1, Pengton30,  Flamex, shadowguy608

Wwfbestfan, Romeo1718, Crack01234, Nico727,Weeiii, Diarmuid2001, Jojeek1, lollymolly22, Chucker321, Midnightdcp1, 

Dave33333, Milliestroke, Generalheat, Baby Cd, Ponza Girl, Blizzard99,Fluttershy, cvt4, Greendandy,Lovepuppy63, leddyeddy1, Dragom123456, Rocky Road 3, Saima101, Greatday777, Dyla30, Bitt, Joshua2, RarePeng2004, Nicholas1000, Coolkids3534, DonaldDuck06, America653, xThe Bossx, King Surfer, Caius, 

Sophia, Lexie, Skylover12, TommyJr1, 1foco,Allstar2468, Vader, Rabbit720, Irose, T H I A, Phillipok, Funnypuffle1 ,Troghet, Daznotcool1, Flappy1233, ChalaO5, Beast, Harry566, Lolumroller, 

Greeny15390, Iceberg49869, Imadevon409, Iron 18327, Jimmy James2, Jojoe2929, Twirly112, Lets Race, Rocktime87, Aashiq13, Saskue97, Jeaden3, Crazycops, Grape Soda, Hopak, Summertime, RealCarter, Babyp3enguin, Onnierocks, Jake65560, Grantalias, Richardjose6, Keemus 7, Grono4, Icey27000, soraxfirework ,oloh1, icecube859, pikachu33397, thefire,  rockyroad3946, Sonic Fan8269,CelticXixah, MasterTanic, Crob30, Bessemer, Gatorfan999, Jedi4590, Katrin13183,  Marymc7, isaac80932, asepn, Fivestarfrog,Supiiri, p185061355, starfield35, claw135, Britpenguin3, Oreo17, Andy, bellaluvskat, precious52,Katelynn,Daneboe26, Dude, Seany T,Belize North, Kris489, Noggin9999, Waggy565,Penguincuty5, ,pingo1, greenyoshi91,Jester, Whatsup11, Bluebell1503,jslan55, cpdude525, 32op, Remington327, Hula Bob, mightymike03, Anakin71, Tobi 54, Starwar954, Neopenguin85, PINKYDUDE180, Lelaheart, Montreal 13, Mustajr11,


Wannabe Advisor: West, 57to, Carter, XxToysoldier


3 Responses

  1. I deserve a Promotion because I was active and helpful and I try my best to recruit as many people as I can

  2. Musta You must tell me this. I am getting 3ic not 4ic because you made a mistake in the ranks a month ago. When I joined dcp you gave me highest mod rank which is 4ic but over the months you forgot and put me 5ic. That’s why I deserver 3ic.

  3. I Am Head General P.S Its Joshua

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