Hello, Troops!

Good job to everyone! Thanks to everyone who came! We got outstanding sizes and defeated the Nachos! Make sure to look at our locked out troops as well! We had a bigger chat size than the Nachos as well. We got around 50 throughout the entire battle. Count the pics and determine our size yourself. :mrgreen:

Here’s the pics, click to enlarge.

dcp going to get 10

doritos win





full room



locked out troops

locked out troops

clash of the chips

clash of the chips

full room, not doritos at full force

full room, not doritos at full forcedcp town )



Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

~Bam117 DCP Main Leader & Legend

7 Responses

  1. I was there for event

  2. I was totally there from the beginning till I the end

  3. I was there for the whole thing

  4. I came at the end

  5. I wanted to come. I missed Tai Kwon Do for DCP. My mom got mad and grounded me from the computer today, but I begged her to let me on for a very important event for DCP. She finally gave up after an hour, but I missed the event. Thanks for not giving me the promo Musta. Appreciate it.

  6. I think I shat myself.

    Good job, DCP.

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