Recruiting Contest

Hello, Troops! 

The 3ic elections poll has been cancelled due to Sprite cheating. He even admitted to it. So instead, I decided to make a recruiting contest. This recruiting contest is mainly between Sprite and Rocky because they were both winning the poll, but ANYONE else who wants to challenge them can do so. 

Recruiting Contest

  • Whoever recruits the most troops wins a prize and gets a promotion.
  • No one can get leader from this contest other than the few people I have already told. So if you’re LIT or whatever, I suggest you don’t aim for leader. 
  • West / Toy will get perm leader if one of them either wins this contest or recruits 30. 
  • All recruits must comment on join and fill out the form correctly so we know who recruited them. 
  • Don’t fake join comments, unless you want me to check the cookies and IP’s.
  • You can recruit on xat or Club Penguin, which ever one you prefer. 
  • Try recruiting your friends, its easier to get them to join

If we recruit over 40 by Thursday, I guarantee we will do an xat give away.

❗ If you are a member rank, and everytime you recruit 5 new people, you will receive a promotion.

❗ If you are a moderator rank, and everytime you recruit 10 people, you will receive a promotion.

❗ If you are a owner rank (besides LIT and Leader), and everytime you recruit 15, you will receive a promotion.


Recruit at the following chats:

Who you should recruit:

Try recruiting the members who don’t have powers because the ones with powers are often snitches.


Recruiting lines:

Orange = DCP soldier talking

Red = Recruit talking



(wait until they respond)


want to help protect club penguin and have A LOT of fun?


➡ But, if they said “No” instead of yes, convince them to change their mind.

Example what to do if they say no:

wanna help protect club penguin and have A LOT of fun?



i don’t want to

Have you ever been in a cp army??


i’ll show you a vid about the army, ok?


(give them this link: )

see its really fun!


So do you wanna join?


ok thanks!


Example #2 of what to do if they say no: (noob version)

wanna help protect club penguin and have A LOT of fun?


Guess you’re not pro enough? (shrug)

YES I AM!! :@:@@:@@

Then go to and let’s see what you’ve got!!


If a certain line doesn’t work, just make up something on the spot.

Always remember we are a family. Don’t threaten each other, just have good sportsmanship and don’t fight. The ones who fight will most likely be the ones who are supposed to be setting an example for the lower ranked troops. You guys who fight are supposed to be role-models. I better not see any arguments, fighting, drama, ect. Anyone who fights will be disqualified without any warnings. During the poll we had fights and I really am sick of it, and so is everyone else.

p.s. if you have 30 legit join comments and ONE fake join comment, you’re still disqualified, so don’t even risk it. 

I know that I will be recruiting as much as I can, nonstop.. Comment if you will too! 

Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


6 Responses

  1. Mustapha theres one problem for that Sprite quitted

  2. People That I Hav Recruited: KARI Tetera KINGSURFER Foode Royilumbo Billboard Zezo2001 Foxtic

  3. People That I Have Recruited: Twiximan Scraw32 DawnD Neopenguin85 Guidocars

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