3ic Elections

Hello, Troops! 


  • Only DCP troops can vote
  • No bribing people to vote for you
  • No forcing people to vote for you
  • Be good sports / No fighting

38 Responses

  1. 1st SPRITE FOR 3IC


  3. Please vote for me because I’ve been a loyal DCP troop for over 2 years. I’ve extremely active and if I become a 3ic, I will try to accomodate every troop who needs help. I’m very experienced in CP warfare and DCP is like family to me. Remember, vote Sprite for 3ic!!

    • I was also DCP Leader in Training before my computer broke. I am extremely loyal and would like to be your next 3ic. Remember, vote SPRITE for 3ic!!!

  4. sprite must win

  5. sprite deserves 3ic

  6. I am THE CARTER, oh, and sprite has my approval.

  7. Nick for 3ic :$

  8. Vote Rocky For Doritos 3ic

    I am very active and is honest to god barely AFK ever on the chat shocking but true 😀

    I am very loyal and never complains with Leaders

  9. I have been good with coming uppp with tactics for using onto the enemies right now

    I have been with Doritos since they were started back inn the year 2010 but has nots even got chance to becum Leader

    I am great with recruiting and the most I have gotten to join for asingle day was thirteen soo what now huh lmao

    I can recruit like shid

    I dont even disobey Leaders

  10. I am great person when not being hyper 😀

    I doo promise you recruits

    I dont abuse but apparently now meh kicking for chat flooding was abuse and thats stupid you kick for nonstop messages god damnit

    I realy dont ever ignore any laws honestly

    And I’ve proven mah case for new Leader

  11. Sprite Got His Chance Already

  12. Give Somebody Else Their God Dang Try People Andnot Sprite For Gosh Sakes

  13. Sprite

  14. I remember when i ran for 3ic. I won of course.

  15. Somebody vote for Sanderson he doesn’t get any votes.

  16. Somebody vote for Sanderson he started late since Mustapha put him on the poll late.

  17. Did anyone vote for Sanderson

  18. People vote for Sanderson

  19. Im sorry all my comments saying spongman1290 are typos its just me

  20. Sorry my comments that say spongman1290 is me just a typo..


  22. Sprite FTW Vote For Sprite He awesome, Well Trusted and Respected He is The one to vote for. Also Sprite has been Doing an honor Job 3IC!

  23. I neva got Leader evaaa


  25. Mah dicks mahhh own bitch please fucking bticshes whaut

  26. Wow Alex You Are Such Theee Cheer Leada Whut :O


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