Re-invasions of SWAT

Hey so I’m a bit fed up with SWAT’s Invasion times, also the fact that the only people that show up for SWAT are pirates. So naturally Mustapha and I have decided we don’t even need to show up, If we can’t then guess what well just invade it right back later that night!

Aww poor ol’ swat n pirates tag team champions at 7am in the morning with 10 on cp

Well I hope I see you there πŸ˜‰




Thursday, June 27th


10:00PM EST

9:00PM CST

8:00PM MST

7:00PM PST

3:00 AM GMT

Comment if you can make it, or just look at it and tell us on chat πŸ˜‰

DCP SHALL PREVAIL, and I’d love to see Pirates help Swat at these times


One Response

  1. Pirates wish they were allowed to help SWAT. Why would I want a small army assisting a big army?

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