Declaration of war on the Pirates

Hello, Troops!

Yeah that’s right! We aren’t finished beating the evil Pirates yet!

DCP will attack evil armies no matter how big they are!

Reasons for war:

  • Doxing people who quit Pirates
  • Extremely racist
  • Trying to take over small armies / Destroy small armies
  • Forces small armies to be colony or threatens war
  • Bullies
  • Died on us / didn’t let us kick their asses fully last war
  • Pirates have been the evil army that no one has done anything about for a while

Waterkid, it’s time for you to walk your own plank. All your evil actions have added up and will end now. The entire community knows you are racist and evil and your time ends now. Many armies have invaded Pirates successfully and they still did not remove the servers from their nations page. You could even scroll down their site and see us invade them and win and they still don’t remove anything. DCP will prevail, we will defeat you because we are more than any other army, we are a family.

I suggest everyone looks at this post

cya lata m8, time for you to go drink some tea, eh m8?

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


5 Responses

  1. add me to ranks im highest mod

  2. Waterkid is racist

  3. Mustapha just listen k
    Dcp will crush the pirates. don’t worry. ITs all chrunchy ( or how u spell it 😆 ) (HIPPO)

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