A Fools Return

Longestory short: I’ve returned to back mustapha up and rise DCP all the way to the top.

If you want to take the plunge anyways, click read more

Hello all doritos troops and others who are reading this post, i just wanted to announce that tonight I’m returning to DCP to back Mustapha up these following weeks and make sure DCP goes as big as it can go.  Mustapha talked me into this decision and Unlike many of our legends I won’t back down or run away. (I won’t point fingers but you know who you are) Listen dcp, its time to go all in and see where this hand takes us. Me and Mustapha have huge plans for DCP and they won’t end here, no matter what.

As you may know I’m a retired DCP legend, leader, and until recently adviser. I’ve lead DCP 9 times. My leaderships have been next to Wwebestfan and Alfrondo achieving the longest lasting 3 man leadership in DCP. I joined DCP 3 years ago as captain and I’ve never fully left since I want to make sure DCP can be remembered forever. I care a great amount for all of DCP and I consider every troop a member of the family. 

Note to any legends or former troops: I encourage you to rejoin in my final effort and leadership

2010 – 2013

This picture is a clear example of what spur of the moment dcp can do, so be ready

**taken in 2010, DCP vs Nacho war**


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  1. Bam, add me back to the Leaders and HOF page, Zoz took me off for “doxing” him

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