New Rules

Hello, Troops!


You guys may find this one as a silly rule, but I have my reasoning for it.

If there’s some on chat with the ID of 0, or if they don’t have an ID then you CANNOT member them. If anyone is caught membering someone without an ID they will be stripped from their rank. If you see someone member someone without an ID you must report them, no one will know it was you who reported the person. It is very important that you follow this room, even if it doesn’t sound important IT IS IMPORTANT.

➡ a person without an ID looks like this or similar to this:

When a person without an ID gets membered they look like this:


Second rule

Since no one has been recruiting lately, I guess it’s time to be more stricter. We all want our armies to be the best they can possibly be since it’s about already Summer, and in order for us to be the best we can possibly be I came up with a new recruiting rule so we can always be at the top of our game.

Every single owner must recruit at least 5 troops whenever I ask them to. (I’ll make sure to ask during a good time for you and I also will not ask you to do this more then twice a week) If you do not follow this rule you WILL be removed from ownership by me even if you have been working really hard for owner[NO EXCUSES], because no one has been recruiting and if it stays this way we will end up dead this summer and that sure isn’t what I’m looking towards this summer.

Third Rule

No more cussing at all, if we want to keep all our new recruits we are going to have to cut down on cussing. If you cuss you will get a warning but if it continues you will be banned for a while. If you have been banned for cussing, and after your ban timing has ended you continue to cuss it will only end in a ban for an even longer period of time. Many people have quit due to cussing and others have been forced to quit because their parents find out cause some people enjoy cussing all day long. You may block the curse words by saying “WTF” but do not block curse words by using a *. For example, fu** is NOT allowed. I also suggest using smileys if you feel the need to release your anger.

❗ So the rules are ❗

  • No membering people without an ID or you will be membered on chat for a while and possibly demoted. ❗
  • Recruit 5 troops when asked to by Mustapha10 NO EXCUSES AT ALL
  • No cussing (WTF is allowed)

p.s Rules take affect on Monday [tomorrow]

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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  1. What the heck now? O3O

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