Victory over Tuxedo

Hello today we logged in to find that pirates must not have felt like logging in until half way through the battle because it took them 15 minutes to finally get more than 2 online, what a shocker considering its UK times and Waterkid was on chat leading….

Well anyways I am proud to say that we won, not so much the sizes overall throughout this event but hey its UK and this is a Pacific/EST Based Army so its all good!


Had to share our farts with a fellow seamen

We got sick after we took Migrator yesterday!

Pirates finally start really logging in, notice how shocked we are after 15 minutes of waiting

Pirates at there best sizes ! STAND BACK THEY MIGHT KILL US ALL!

We told water to look directly into the sun, that’s where all of us his UK troops went

Not so good but good enough to where the tactics were bigger than there size!

We just couldn’t stop laughing we had to share some funnies with them as well!

As you can tell by all these pictures and comparing our tactics and sizes overall and averaging throughout the battle you will notice that pirates sizes go from 1 – 4 and then maxing out to about 7 for about 5 minutes or so, But naturally pirates are going to think they won because they were so HUGE today I COULD SEE THE 25 ONLINE I SWEAR!!!



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