A Job Well Done

Hello everyone, West here.

I would just like to let all of the troops here in DCP know that they are working extremely hard, and they are doing one heck of a job! Ever since the Pirates thought they could sail into our land, it’s like you have all risen from the grave. I am very proud of all of you. If we could just keep our sizes and tactics as good as they were on Summit, we could be at world power status, even place in first on CPAC! And to the leaders, I would like to apoligize. I feel I haven’t been giving you enough credit. I am truly and deeply sorry if I have disappointed you in any way, shape, or form. Kudos to you DCP! And especially Bam. He has been working the hardest, in my opinion. Not that any of you haven’t, as I mentioned before. And I am certainly going to mention it again. Good job to all of you! That is all, and may the heart of DCP be lifted forever and always.


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